CTRE Staff

Can’t find what you're looking for? See also the Institute for Transportation, CTRE’s administrative home at Iowa State University.

Name Position Phone E-mail
Aldemir Bektas, Basak Research Scientist 515-294-4033 basak@iastate.edu
Alhasan, Ahmad Associate Research Scientist 515-294-5504 aalhasan@iastate.edu
Bektas, Fatih Research Faculty 515-294-5857 fbektas@iastate.edu
Betts, Daniel Assistant Scientist 515-294-2622 ddbetts@iastate.edu
Burdine, Nick Systems Analyst 515-294-3449 bird@iastate.edu
Clute, Khyle Research Engineer 515-294-8103 khyle@iastate.edu
Dong, Jing Transportation Engineer 515-294-3957 jingdong@iastate.edu
Hallmark, Shauna Associate Director 515-294-5249 shallmar@iastate.edu
Hans, Zachary Senior Research Engineer 515-294-2329 zhans@iastate.edu
Hassan, Hesham Postdoctoral Research Associate 515-294-8103 hesham@iastate.edu
Hawkins, Neal Research Engineer 515-294-7733 hawkins@iastate.edu
Knickerbocker, Skylar Research Engineer 515-294-2238 sknick@iastate.edu
Naraghi, Hossein Research Engineer 515-294-4069 hnaraghi@iastate.edu
Nlenanya, Inya Transportation Research Specialist 515-294-2373 inya@iastate.edu
Ozcan, Koray Postdoctoral Research Associate 515-294-1745 koray6@iastate.edu
Sharma, Anuj Research Scientist 515-294-3624 anujs@iastate.edu
Smadi, Omar Interim Director 515-294-7110 smadi@iastate.edu

CTRE is an Iowa State University center, administered by the Institute for Transportation.

Address: 2711 S. Loop Drive, Suite 4700, Ames, IA 50010-8664

Phone: 515-294-8103
FAX: 515-294-0467

Website: www.ctre.iastate.edu/

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