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CTRE works with many different organizations, both as partners and/or sponsors, on its research, education, and outreach programs.


Since 1996, the center and Iowa State University have participated in a research collaboration agreement with the Iowa DOT and Iowa’s two other regents’ universities—the University of Northern Iowa and the University of Iowa; this working agreement helps the organizations coordinate resources and expertise.

Iowa State University

Department/Unit Relationship to CTRE
College of Engineering Faculty researchers
Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
  • Interdisciplinary MS degree in transportation
  • Faculty researchers
Department of Community and Regional Planning
  • Interdisciplinary MS degree in transportation
  • Faculty researchers
Department of Logistics, Operations, and Management Information Systems
  • Interdisciplinary MS degree in transportation
  • Faculty researchers
Department of Statistics Faculty researcher
Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication Faculty researcher

Iowa's other Regents universities

University of Iowa

Department/Unit Relationship to CTRE
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty researchers
Public Policy Center Faculty researchers

University of Northern Iowa

Department/Unit Relationship to CTRE
Geography Department

Other university partners

Industry/consultant partners


See a list of current research sponsors.

Iowa Department of Transportation

The Iowa Department of Transportation is the major sponsor of CTRE's research activities and contributes to CTRE's outreach programs. In 1997, because of the complementary nature of CTRE's and the Iowa Department of Transportation's core businesses, the organizations entered into two long-term agreements.

  1. The Iowa DOT provides ongoing support of CTRE activities that benefit the Iowa DOT, including developing new initiatives, quick-response information gathering, and providing technical advice.
  2. Research contracting arrangements are streamlined between CTRE and the Iowa DOT. One of the most innovative arrangements under this agreement is the joint hiring of faculty with shared appointments between an Iowa State University academic department and CTRE/Iowa DOT.

National organizations

State/provincial departments of transportation

State/local organizations


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