Iowa Traffic Control Devices and Pavement Markings: A Manual for Cities and Counties

Iowa Traffic Control Devices and Pavement Markings manual cover showing an intersection and three traffic signs

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Table of Contents

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Section A: Introduction

Introduction (8k pdf) A1.1

Operating Statement (8k pdf) A2.1

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Section B: Quick Reference Page

Quick Reference (203k pdf) B1.1

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Section C: Signs

Signs (61k pdf) C1.1

Children at Play Signs (11k pdf) C2.1

Commercial Developments (8k pdf) C3.1

Crossings (10k pdf) C4.1

Curves and Hills (233k pdf) C5.1

Deer Crossing Signs (63k pdf) C6.1

Guide Signs (121k pdf) C7.1

Intersections (9k pdf) C8.1

Location and Height of Signs (166k pdf) C9.1

Low-Water Stream Crossings (99k pdf) C10.1

Narrow Bridges and Culverts (278k pdf) C11.1

Reduced Maintenance Level Roads (100k pdf) C12.1

School Bus Stop Ahead Signs (21k pdf) C13.1

Sign Posts and Supports (585k pdf) C14.1

Stop and Yield Signs (41k pdf) C15.1

"T" and "Y" Intersections (118k pdf) C16.1

Unofficial and Unauthorized Signs (10k pdf) C17.1

Warning Sign Placement (32k pdf) C18.1

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Section D: Pavement Markings

Pavement Markings (778k pdf) D1.1

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Section E: Object Markers

Object Markers (186k pdf) E1.1

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Section F: Delineators

Delineators (76k pdf) F1.1

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Section G: Additional Situations

Bicycle Paths and Lanes (175k pdf) G1.1

End of Road or Street (158k pdf) G2.1

Flashing Beacons (20k pdf) G3.1

Highway/Rail Grade Crossings (213k pdf) G4.1

Mailboxes in Roadway Right of Way (234k pdf) G5.1

Movable Stop Signs for School Zones (267k pdf) G6.1

Rumble Strips (169k pdf) G7.1

Snowmobiles (231k pdf) G8.1

Traffic Calming Measures (406k pdf) G9.1

Weight Restrictions (141k pdf) G10.1

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Section H: Traffic Studies

Advisory Speed Determination (17k pdf) H1.1

No Passing Zones (422k pdf) H2.1

Speed Limits (82k pdf) H3.1

Warning Signs for Special Conditions (16k pdf) H4.1

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Section I: Operations

Inspection Procedures (16k pdf) I1.1

Maintenance of Traffic Control Devices and Pavement Markings (13k pdf) I2.1

Responding to a Deficiency Notice (10k pdf) I3.1

Sign Shop and Stock Management (791k pdf) I4.1

Theft and Vandalism (8k pdf) I5.1

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Section J: Inventory Systems for Traffic Control Devices

Inventory Systems for Traffic Control Devices (266k pdf) J1.1

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Section K: Temporary Traffic Control During Operations

Temporary Traffic Control During Operations (664k pdf) K1.1

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Section L: Appendix

Conversions and Formulas (29k pdf) L1.1

References (7k pdf) L2.1

Sample Resolutions and Policies

90-day Embargo on Specific Roads Resolution (9k pdf) L3.1

Application for Permit for Overweight Vehicle (9k pdf) L3.2

Blanket 90-Day Embargo Resolution (9k pdf) L3.3

Bridge Embargo Resolution (9k pdf) L3.4

Letter to Schools (12k pdf) L3.5

Policy on Supplemental Signs and Traffic Control Devices (13k pdf) L3.7

Political Sign Policy (9k pdf) L3.10

Snowmobile Permit and Agreement (10k pdf) L3.11

Snowmobile Policy (11k pdf) L3.13

Tools for Signing and Marking (90k pdf) L4.1

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