International Workshop on Sustainable Development and Concrete Technology
Beijing, May 20–21, 2004

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Table of Contents

Full copy of the proceedings (10.6 mb *pdf)

Preface (42 kb *pdf)


Keynote Papers

High-Performance, High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete for Sustainable Development (157 kb *pdf)
P. Kumar Mehta

Development of “Green” Cement for Sustainable Concrete Using Cement Kiln Dust and Fly Ash (839 kb *pdf)
Surendra P. Shah and Kejin Wang

The Advances and Barriers in Application of New Concrete Technology (132 kb *pdf)
Suneel N. Vanikar

What Role Could Concrete Technology Play for Sustainability in China? (2.7 mb *pdf)
Qin Weizu

Invited Papers

Utilization of Solid Wastes (Waste Glass and Rubber Particles) as Aggregates in Concrete (659 kb *pdf)
Yunping Xi, Yue Li, Zhaohui Xie, and Jae S. Lee

Development of Sustainable Cementitious Materials (280 kb *pdf)
Zongjin Li, Zhu Ding, and Yunsheng Zhang

Properties of Lightweight Concrete Manufactured with Fly Ash, Furnace Bottom Ash, and Lytag (174 kb *pdf)
Yun Bai, Ratiyah Ibrahim, and P.A. Muhammed Basheer

Study of Feasibility and Mechanical Properties for Producing High-Flowing Concrete with Recycled Coarse Aggregates (181 kb *pdf)
Wen-Chen Jau, Che-Wu Fu, and Ching-Ting Yang

Selected Papers

For Sustainable Development: To Produce Cement by Another Concept (137 kb *pdf)
Lian Huizhen and Yan Peiyu

Properties of Green Lightweight Aggregate Concrete (1 mb *pdf)
Tommy Y. Lo and H.Z. Cui

The High-Tech Research Process of Industrial Solid Waste in China (162 kb *pdf)
Lijiu Wang

General Papers

Environment-Protecting Unbaked Cement and Its Hydrate Mechanism (364 kb *pdf)
An Ming-zhe, Zhang Li-jun, Zhang Meng, and Wang Fu-chuan

Research on MgO-MgCl2-H2O System Ceramsite Exempted from Sintering (1.4 mb *pdf)
Ming-li Cao and Li-jiu Wang

Research on Sintered Fly Ash Aggregate of High Strength and Low Absorption of Water (118 kb *pdf)
Gao Li-xiong, Yao Yan, and Wang Ling

Development of Studies and Applications of Activation Techniques of Fly Ash (195 kb *pdf)
Wang Bao-min and Wang Li-jiu

Research on Using Waste Sludge of Smelting Lead and Zinc to Sinter Cement Clinker (145 kb *pdf)
Wu Qingren, He Qiongyu, Lai Hongguang, and Zhang Yongjun


Keynote Papers

Development of Green Engineered Cementitious Composites for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (193 kb *pdf)
Victor C. Li, Michael Lepech, Shuxin Wang, Martin Weimann, and Gregory Keoleian

Life-Cycle Assessment of Repair and Maintenance Systems for Concrete Structures (139 kb *pdf)
Vemund Årskog, Sverre Fossdal, and Odd E. Gjørv

Invited Papers

How Sustainable is Concrete? (147 kb *pdf)
Leslie Struble and Jonathan Godfrey

Measuring the Life-Cycle Environmental and Economic Performance of Concrete: The BEES Approach (312 kb *pdf)
Barbara C. Lippiatt and Shuaib Ahmad

Sustainable Development Using Controlled Low-Strength Material (285 kb *pdf)
David Trejo, Kevin J. Folliard, and Lianxiang Du

Development and Research of High Belite Cement Dam Concrete with Low Heat and High Crack Resistance (205 kb *pdf)
Li Jinyu, Peng Xiaoping, Cao Jianguo, Chen Gaixin, Tian Juntao, Wang Xiujun, Lin Li, Wang Aiqin, Sui Tongbo, Wen Zhaijun, Zhang Chaoran, and Shi Zhenhuan

Selected Papers

Hong Kong Experience of Using Recycled Aggregates from Construction and Demolition Materials in Ready Mix Concrete (126 kb *pdf)
Winston F.K. Fong, Jaime S.K. Yeung, and C.S. Poon

Improvement of Concrete Durability by Complex Mineral Super-Fine Powder (156 kb *pdf)
Chen Han-bin, Chen Jian-xiong, Xiao Fei, and Cui Hong-ta

Developing Concrete Technology Alone May Not Be Helpful for Sustainable Development According to the Holistic Viewpoint (155 kb *pdf)
Zhou Yongxiang and Yan Peiyu

General Papers

A Study on Complex Alkali-Slag Environmental Concrete (141 kb *pdf)
Chen Jian-xiong, Chen Han-bin, Xiao Pei, and Zhang Lan-fang

Application of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag in High-Performance Concrete in China (168 kb *pdf)
Wang Ling, Tian Pei, and Yao Yan

Studies on Small Ionic Diffusivity Concrete (1 mb *pdf)
He Xingyang, Chen Yimin, Ma Baoguo, Li Yongxin, Zhang Hongtao, and Zhang Wensheng

Study on Reactive Powder Concrete Used in the Sidewalk System of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Bridge (294 kb *pdf)
Ji Wen-yu, An Ming-zhe, Yan Gui-ping, and Wang Jun-min

The Effect of Fly Ash on the Fluidity of Cement Paste, Mortar, and Concrete (262 kb *pdf)
Li Yijin, Zhou Shiqiong, Yin Jian, and Gao Yingli

Research of High Fly Ash Content in Concrete with Dipy Construction Formwork (805 kb *pdf)
Zhengyue Ren and Lijiu Wang

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