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The first six training modules (476 kb *pdf ) include the following topics:

About the worker safety training modules

These modules are easy-to-use, customizable training materials for conducting worker safety training sessions. Use these self-contained modules in any order to train new employees or review safety topics with more experienced employees.

Each module includes a handout for employees and a guide for the trainer. The employee handout provides employees with an outline of important information on the module topic. The trainer guide includes training activities, training goals, and tips for supervisors.

Simple steps for a successful safety training session

  1. Choose the module most relevant to your work situation.
  2. Review the information in both the supervisor guide and the employee handout, paying particular attention to “Training Goals.”
  3. Gather materials you will need for the suggested activity (video, props, examples of safety equipment, etc.) or plan an alternate activity.
  4. Make copies of the employee handout for each participant attending the safety training session.
  5. Conduct the safety training session.

For more information

Contact Tom McDonald, Safety Circuit Rider, for more information about free and low-cost safety training through Iowa LTAP, 515-294-6384,


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