Advance Stop Line Rumble Strips

Advance stop line rumble strips (ASLRS) are grooved strips placed upstream of a stop-controlled intersection.


Advance stop line rumble strips (ASLRS) (also called transverse rumble strips or in-lane rumble strips) are grooved strips placed upstream of a stop-controlled intersection. ASLRS are transverse to the direction of travel and provide an audible and tactile warning to the drivers.


Placement and design of ASLRS is covered in the Iowa DOT Design Manual, Chapter 6, 6A-7 (Iowa DOT 2014a) and the Iowa DOT Traffic and Safety Manual, Chapter 18, 18A (Iowa DOT 2014b).

  • It is suggested that rumble strips should not be added to reconstruction or resurfacing projects that do not involve geometric changes or changes in stop conditions unless the Office of Traffic and Safety requests them.
  • It is also recommended that rumble strips only be placed on approaches with a speed limit of 55 miles per hour (mph) or more.


Several studies have evaluated the effectiveness of ASLRS. One study used intersections from Iowa and Minnesota. The table below summarizes the studies where crash reductions were found. Other studies are summarized in a tech brief (see below).

Crash Reduction Factors for Installation of ASLRS (Iowa and Minnesota)
Intersection Type Crash Type CMF (Standard Error)
Three-approach total 1.22 (0.14)
fatal and incapacitating injury 0.41 (0.24)
Four-approach total 1.07 (0.104)
fatal and incapacitating injury 0.65 (0.17)


  • Short term implementation
  • Relatively low cost
  • Can be used with other countermeasures


  • Noise
  • Potential loss of control for motorcycles and bicycles (Antonucci et al. 2004)
  • Issues for winter maintenance (Antonucci et al. 2004)
  • Drivers using opposing lane to avoid

More information is provided in this technical brief, which summarizes information about ASLRS relevant to Iowa.


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Image: Advance stop line rumble strips on a rural roadway

Advance stop line rumble strips (Shutterstock)

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