CTRE ensures that research will be oriented toward real-world results and applications by structuring its research activities around interdisciplinary and interorganizational teams. CTRE regularly publishes research reports and other products of research such as manuals and handbooks. See the full list of publications.

Can’t find what you're looking for? See also the Institute for Transportation, CTRE’s administrative home at Iowa State University.

Areas of research

Research at CTRE focuses on the following:


CTRE project information includes brief descriptions of research, researchers' contact information, a list of sponsors, and links to online reports and related publications. Projects are grouped according to the following listings:

To locate a specific project, you may want to use the Google-powered search page.


CTRE's major sponsor is the Iowa Department of Transportation.

CTRE actively partners with public, private, academic, and professional organizations. In addition to city, county, and state-level partners, CTRE's national-level partners include

CTRE is an Iowa State University center.

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