Access Management Handbook

Purpose of this handbook | Table of contents

Access management is defined as the control of driveways and intersections to maintain safety at a roadway's full traffic carrying capacity. Implementing an access management program based on the principles described in this handbook will encourage smooth and safe traffic flow on a community's roadways and will help communities avoid some of the traffic problems caused by uncontrolled strip development.

Purpose of this handbook

This handbook emphasizes the importance of including access management principles in a community's comprehensive development plan. However, communities without a comprehensive plan or whose plan does not address access management can still use the guidelines suggested in this handbook to develop a successful access management program.

This book will be especially helpful for city and county officials who want to include access management standards in local ordinances such as zoning, subdivision, or site plan review ordinances. The appendices include the Iowa Primary Road Access Management Policy adopted by the Iowa Department of Transportation, and example ordinances that can be implemented at the city and county levels.

While this handbook is designed specifically for Iowa, officials from other states may find the general definitions and principles helpful. Of course, the code of other states may be different from Iowa's, and therefore portions of this handbook may not be pertinent to officials in those states.

Table of contents

All files below are in pdf format. To reads, you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat reader.

Complete handbook (2.4 MB pdf)

Overview (6k pdf)
Chapter 1-Glossary (25k pdf)
Chapter 2-Current Problems (170k pdf)
Chapter 3-Defining Access Management (142k pdf)
Chapter 4-Developing an Access Management Program (955k pdf)
Chapter 5-Access Management and the Comprehensive Plan (159k pdf)
Chapter 6-Public Involvement (575k pdf)
Appendix A: Example Access Management Ordinance for a City (51k pdf)
Appendix B: Example Access Management Ordinance for a County (36k pdf)
Appendix C: Iowa Code Relevant to Access Management (104k pdf)
Endnotes (5k pdf)
References: For Further Information (10k pdf)
Acknowledgements (6k pdf)


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