Concept Maintenance Vehicle Headlights Concept Maintenance Vehicle DGPS Antenna
Concept Maintenance Vehicle On-board Computer Concept Maintenance Vehicle Temperature Sensor and Friction Meter

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Iowa's concept maintenance vehicle has been included in the Federal Highway Administration's Rural ITS Toolbox, a document that identifies successful rural ITS projects and statewide applications from across the nation.

Project goal

The goal of the Concept Highway Maintenance Vehicle research project is to study the feasibility of using advanced technologies from other industries to improve the efficiency and safety of winter highway maintenance vehicle operations. Project partners are listed at the bottom of this page. The Center for Transportation Research and Education (CTRE) at Iowa State University is managing project tasks.

Phase V

Phase V is underway.

Earlier phases

Final reports are available online for

Project partners

For information about becoming a project partner, see the partner memorandum of understanding (*pdf file). 

Public Private
Federal Highway Administration
Iowa Department of Transportation 
IDA Corp.
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Monroe Truck Equipment
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Norsemeter, AS
Raven Industries

For more information

Contact Dennis Kroeger at CTRE, 515-296-0910 or Project updates will be made to this web page as they arise.

FOCUS, an FHWA newsletter, published an article about the project in October 1998.

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