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Development of Analytical Tools to Evaluate Road Departure Crashes Using Naturalistic Driving Study Data


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Start date: 03/02/07
End date: 02/29/08


Sponsor(s): Second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP 2)

About the research


The main goal of this research is to devleop analytical relationships between roadway, environmental, vehicle, and human factors and road departure risk and oucome. This goal mirrors that of the SOI RFP which is to develop analytical methods which can be applied to the fully deployed SHRP 2 driving behavior and crash risk study and to demonstrate those methods using data from recent existing naturalistic driving field studies and other data sources. The focus of our research is to map the sequence of events leading to road departure incidents and crashes and quantify how roadway, environmental, vehicle, and human factors influence whether an incident occurs in the first place and how those factors affect subsequent events and final outcomes. To accomplish this, we plan to create analytical tools to develop exposure based risk measures using surrogate crash measures with driver, vehicle, roadway, and environmental as characteristics as the response variables.