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Risk and Failure Resilience of Interdependent Transportation Systems


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Start date: 10/01/14
End date: 06/29/18


Report: Risk and Failure Resilience of Interdependent Transportation Systems (1.99 mb pdf) August 2018



About the research


This study explores the gap between quantitative and qualitative assessment of engineering resilience in the domain of complex transportation infrastructure systems. A conceptual framework was developed for modeling engineering resilience, and then a Bayesian network was employed as a quantitative tool for the assessment and analysis of engineering resilience. A case study involving a transportation system for an aircraft manufacturing supply chain was employed to demonstrate the developed research and tools. The developed resilience quantification and analysis approach using Bayesian networks could empower system designers to have a better grasp of the weaknesses and strengths of their own systems against system disruptions induced by adverse failure events.