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International Workshop on Sustainable Development and Concrete Technology


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Project status


Start date: 03/15/03
End date: 04/01/05

Project webpage: http://www.cptechcenter.org/publications/sustainable/index.htm



About the research

Abstract: Iowa State University joined the National Science Foundation, American Concrete Institute, Northwestern University, and many distinguished organizations in China, in sponsoring the International Workshop on Sustainable Development and Concrete Technology held in Beijing, China, May 20-21, 2004.

The international workshop was co-organized by ISU and Beijing's Tsinghua University in response to growing concern about the concrete industry's impact on the environment worldwide. The meeting of over 70 interested experts was held to address the role of concrete materials and construction in sustainable development.

Iowa State University, with support from the CCEE Department, CTRE, and PCC Center, published a volume of proceedings containing papers presented at the workshop. Two major themes are explored: (1) emerging technologies for "green" concrete and (2) concrete durability and sustainable development.

The workshop is expected to contribute to the development of emerging technologies for production of "green" concrete materials and "green" concrete pavements. This effort will also lead to a significant improvement in integration of infrastructure development with industrial ecology, resource management, information technology, and economic development.