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Alternatives to Truck Engine Idling


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Project status


Start date: 07/01/03
End date: 06/30/04


Project webpage: http://www.ctre.iastate.edu/pubs/truck_idling/

Report: Alternatives to Truck Engine Idling (1.3 mb pdf) June 2004


Sponsor(s): Iowa Energy Center

About the research

Abstract: The primary objective of this project was to develop awareness of alternative truck idle reduction technologies in Iowa, and along the Interstate-35 trade corridor. Sub-objectives were to

1) Organize and carry out a one to two day conference to be carried out sometime during May or June 2004, and that supports commercial adoption of idle reduction technologies in Iowa. Develop interim involvement of stakeholders with appropriate expertise, practical knowledge, contacts, and peripheral resources to support implementation of truck idle reduction technologies in Iowa.

2) Carry out activities defined by an initial focus group survey to develop relevant knowledge relating to truck idle reduction technologies and implementation issues.

3) Preparation for the conference was the central objective of the activities covered under this report. Supporting it required developing a summary understanding of key issues relating to truck idle reduction, aligning with key contacts and expertise, and defining and promoting the issue to a constituency base and target audience. The conference occurred on June 22-23, 2004 in Des Moines, and drew 69 attendees primarily from Iowa and the Midwest, with participation by state and federal agencies from throughout the country.