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School Bus Safety Study - Kadyn's Law

Students being let off their school bus on a rural curve


Principal investigators:

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Project status


Start date: 07/01/12
End date: 12/31/12


Report: School Bus Safety Study - Kadyn's Law (2.63 mb pdf) January 2013

Tech transfer summary: School Bus Safety Study - Kadyn's Law (655.47 kb pdf) Jan 2013



About the research


In 2012, the Iowa legislature passed a bill for an act relating to school bus safety, including providing penalties for failure to obey school bus warning lamps and stop signal arms, providing for a school bus safety study and administrative remedies, and making an appropriation. The bill, referred to as Iowa Senate File (SF) 2218 or “Kadyn’s Law,” became effective March 16, 2012. A multiagency committee addressed three specific safety study elements of Kadyn’s Law as follows:

* Use of cameras mounted on school buses to enhance the safety of children riding the buses and aid in enforcement of motor vehicle laws pertaining to stop-arm violations

* Feasibility of requiring school children to be picked up and dropped off on the side of the road on which their home is located

* Inclusion of school bus safety as a priority in driver training curriculum

This report and tech transfer summary summarize the findings for each of these topics.