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Research and Training of Private Transportation Providers for Efficient and Effective Provision of Transportation Services


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Start date: 07/01/01
End date: 06/01/03




Sponsor(s): U.S. Department of Transportation

About the research

Abstract: Through a cooperative agreement with the Taxi, Limousine, and Paratransit Association and support through the MTC Research & Training Grant DTRS99-6-0007, the Center for Transportation Studies was able to devote considerable time and effort to the research and training of private transportation providers for the efficient and effective provision of public transportation services. This work consisted of the research and development of a series of industry seminars with the purpose of sharing findings and offering recommendations to the large number of private transportation officials engaged in providing public transportation.

The topics for the seminars were selected on the basis of surveys and an understanding of the most important issues and concerns in the industry. Over the course of two years, these seminars were given on the topics of marketing, maintenance, dealing with the media, human resource development, and technology innovations. Seminar attendees were able to learn best practices and share experience on issues involving the human resources management, dispatching technologies, relation with media, sales and marketing, or fleet maintenance.