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Evaluate, Modify, and Adapt the ConcreteWorks Software for Iowa's Use


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Project status

In progress

Start date: 07/01/16
End date: 12/31/18



About the research


A previous Institute for Transportation study for the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) reviewed construction observations and data from the westbound I-80 and US 34 Missouri River Bridges. The temperature, temperature differential, and cracking potential of these bridges were analyzed using two computer software programs: ConcreteWorks and 4C-Temp&Stress.

The research indicated that ConcreteWorks, currently free to the public, is much easier to use than 4C-Temp&Stress, and that it is capable of predicting the general trend of thermal development of mass concrete elements (focused on structural elements with a least dimension of 6.5 feet or less). The model results from ConcreteWorks can be used to assist in designing and optimizing mass concrete mix proportions, construction sequences, and temperature control plans.

The previous study also indicated that, although user-friendly, some features in the ConcreteWorks program do not fit Iowa concrete appropriately. For example, some units are metric, some default input data (e.g., materials and properties) are different from Iowa mass concrete materials and practice, there is no consideration of cooling pipe systems, and the program provides limited temperature output up to 14 days and cracking potential up to 7 days only. The outputs do not provide sufficient information on the degree (e.g., stress-to-strength ratio) or probability of cracking. The software also lacks the flexibility of creating new construction methods or editing outputs.

This purpose of this project is to evaluate, modify, and adapt the ConcreteWorks software for Iowa’s use (and potentially for use by other states in the US).