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Work Plan for the Bridge Center and Bridge Engineer Program FY2014-Dynamic Sensor


Principal investigators:

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Project status

In progress

Start date: 07/01/13
End date: 06/30/14


Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Transportation

About the research


Monitoring of the in-field performance of bridges and other structures has become a very valuable tool to the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) Office of Bridges and Structures. There simply is no better way to understand how structures react to loadings than by physical monitoring and testing. There are a large number of monitoring tools that are commercially available. One such tool is manufactured by an Iowa-based company known as SENSR. The SENSR hardware consists of tri-axial accelerometers, tiltmeters, and temperature sensors. The unique nature of the SENSR hardware is that it is easily deployable by personnel with only a limited amount of training. The objective of this project is to evaluate the performance of the SENSR system. This work will allow the research team to evaluate how effectively the SENSR system can be integrated into normal inspection procedures.