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Developing a Data-Driven Traffic Impact Assessment Tool for Work Zones


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Project status

In progress

Start date: 09/01/15
End date: 12/31/16



About the research


Traffic impacts of work zones can be assessed using planning software such as Quick Zone, custom spreadsheets, and others. These software programs generate delay, queuing, and other mobility measures as outputs and are used for planning and scheduling work zones. Validation of traffic impact assessment software has been a challenge due to the lack of field data necessary for validation. One alternative approach to assessing the travel-time impacts of a work zone is through data mining. Historical data can be mined for different types of work zones to identify trends in average travel times, travel time reliability, and other measures.

The central objective of this research project is to explore the applicability of a data-driven approach to predicting traffic impacts of work zones. Using statistical and artificial intelligence based data mining techniques, work-zone performance measures will be estimated using explanatory variables.

This project will complement the research being conducted in a companion Smart Work Zone Deployment Initiative (SWZDI) pooled fund project developing a prototype system using historical traffic and travel-time data at work zones. While the ongoing project focuses on the segment where the work zone is present, this project will study the spatial effects of work zones on adjacent roadways. Both probe data and point detector data will be used to assess the spatial and temporal effects of work zones in the St. Louis, Missouri region.