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Tech Readiness Motor Carrier Project


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Project status

In progress

Start date: 05/01/16
End date: 12/31/16



About the research


The purpose of this study is the development of a proof of concept carrier technology readiness framework. While substantial investment has been made into the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) traffic operations center, scant attention has been paid to how carriers who operate in the state are currently collecting, monitoring, and routing commercial traffic based on real-time or near real-time highway traffic conditions. This study will represent an initial step to understand to what extent carriers are ready to utilize real-time traffic operations data and the associated business, technical, and regulatory challenges with using the data.

The technology framework can be used in a future study as a basis for the development of a survey instrument and associated data analysis into this important topic. In so doing, future research can quantitatively identify the current state of carrier adoption patterns of traffic operations software technologies/data, a carrier's future traffic operations technology needs, and barriers as to why carriers are not fully adopting the data feeds. In so doing, a larger study could offer a road map on how the Iowa DOT and carrier community can work together so that commercial carriers can optimally route traffic through the Iowa without encountering delays.

As an initial step, the principal investigator will develop a framework that captures the types of traffic operations data that carriers could gain access to and the associated business and technical challenges that carriers face when attempting to integrate the data into their business operations. The initial study entails focus group sessions and interviews with key stakeholders. The focus group sessions and interviews will elucidate the current technology capabilities offered by Iowa DOT and factors that are currently impeding carriers from accessing the data. Furthermore, the study could uncover some of the benefits that carriers can derive from the real-time data feeds (forecasting potential traffic congestion delays, recommendations on alternative routes, heat maps, real-time dashboards, etc).