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National Training for Integrating Materials and Construction Practices in Concrete Pavements: A State-of-the-Practice Manual


Principal investigators:

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Project status

In progress

Start date: 08/16/06
End date: 12/31/07

Project webpage: http://www.cptechcenter.org/t2/imcp_videos.cfm


Sponsor(s): Federal Highway Administration

About the research

Abstract: The primary goal of this project is to provide training and materials that will help participants understand the integrated nature of concrete pavement materials and construction practices and apply that understanding to the design and construction of concrete pavements. A second goal is to introduce participants to the content of the IMCP Manual so they can effectively use it as a resource and reference.

The specific objective is to develop training materials for and to conduct 1 1/2 day training events or workshops at six strategic locations throughout the country. Each workshop participant will receive a copy of the IMCP Manual along with complementing training modules, visual aids, instructional material, and handouts.

The intended audience for the workshops will be state engineers, consultants, quality control personnel, contractors, suppliers, technicians, and trades people who have a need to understand new technologies and practices that can prevent premature concrete pavement distress, acquire related skills to complement field experience, and learn how to quickly access and apply how-to and troubleshooting resources.

As part of the project, a separate executive walk-through and one pilot workshop will be conducted, before the workshop materials have been finalized, to ensure tht the project goals and objectives are met and that the modular sessions are effective. Workshop information must be sufficiently thorough to give participants a clear understanding of the relevant concepts and the relationships among them, including the why as well as the how. At the same time, the style must appeal to all participants, regardless of level of education, engineering background, and age.