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Achieving Efficiency in Meeting Safety, Operations, Maintenance, and Air Quality Goals

3D model showing a corridor and intersection

Proposed South Ankeny Boulevard corridor looking south from 1st Street


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Start date: 04/01/07
End date: 11/30/08


Report: Toolbox to Assess Tradeoffs between Safety, Operations, and Air Quality for Intersection and Access Management Strategies (10.7 mb pdf) November 2008

Tech transfer summary: Maximizing Improvements for Multiple Agency Goals (146 kb pdf) Nov 2008



About the research

Abstract: Significant transportation agency resources are allocated to meet maintenance, operations, safety, and air quality goals. Although there is a significant amount of overlap between these areas, decisions to meet agency goals in one area often do not consider goals in the others and, as a result, miss opportunities to leverage funds and make better informed decisions overall.

There are a number of areas of overlap between capital improvements designed to improve operations, maintenance, safety, and air quality goals that provide a rich opportunity to leverage funds and use resources more cost-effectively while meeting agency goals in two or more of the areas.

The objective of this research is to develop analytical tools that can efficiently evaluate common capital projects used to meet agency goals in one area (operations, safety, air quality, and maintenance) but that also have a significant impact on the others.