CTRE is an Iowa State University center, administered by the Institute for Transportation.

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GIS Support for the Iowa Department of Transportation (1999)


Principal investigators:

Project status


Start date: 03/01/99
End date: 12/01/99

Project webpage: http://www.ctre.iastate.edu/research/giscc/99/index.htm


Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Transportation

About the research

Abstract: CTRE has assisted the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) in the implementation and development of GIS for several years. Much of CTRE?s work has been done under the GIS Coordinating Committee?s (GISCC) Support Contract. This contract has been extended at the end of each year, with new tasks, depending on the DOT?s needs for that year. Since late-1997, with the addition of two full-time, dedicated GIS staff (a GIS Coordinator and an assistant to the coordinator), the DOT's required level of additional support has changed.