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MnDOT LRRB Thin Whitetopping Selection Procedure


Principal investigators:

Project status

In progress

Start date: 09/24/15
End date: 06/30/17


Sponsor(s): Minnesota Department of Transportation

About the research


The objective of this study is to develop a procedure to evaluate asphalt pavements for concrete overlays. The selection procedure will be a combination of bonded concrete overlay of asphalt (BCOA) evaluation criteria identified in the Guide to Overlays with establishing the minimum asphalt properties required and if, when, and which procedures should be followed in evaluating these properties. The procedures may include comparing the proposed pavement structure with the existing material layers, where to core the existing asphalt pavement, and which cracks and other distresses need to be repaired.

These procedures should provide the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), counties, and cities with a usable method to help determine which asphalt roads can be cost-effectively rehabilitated using thin whitetopping (concrete overlay on asphalt pavement) and aid in pavement design. This should reduce the likelihood of premature failure due to poor pavement structure and improve pavement performance and service life, which will in turn decrease maintenance and future construction costs.