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Condition-Based Maintenance and Management of Aging Transportation Infrastructure


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In progress

Start date: 04/01/15
End date: 03/31/17



About the research


The performance and safety of the transportation infrastructure are greatly affected by aging mechanisms caused by surrounding physical and chemical stressors. Considering the significant costs and consequences originating from the degradation of existing infrastructure components, there is an immediate need to identify the inspection and maintenance strategies that take into account the current state of degradation and provide reliable estimates of vulnerability during the expected service life. This can be achieved through the identification of appropriate measures that update the lifecycle predictions based on the data collected from health monitoring systems.

To ensure that the most current state of deteriorating components are considered for both vulnerability assessment and resource allocation purposes, multi-state condition-based strategies are investigated in this project. While similar strategies have been commonly used for manufacturing systems, proper integration of them into the management of transportation networks is expected to be a major step forward. The outcome of this project will directly contribute to providing non-periodic, adaptive plans for inspection and maintenance activities. Furthermore, the issues associated with “imperfect inspection data” and “partial repair actions” will be properly addressed through the developed framework.