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Design of UHPC Waffle Deck Panel System for Broader Bridge Applications


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Project status


Start date: 11/01/11
End date: 05/31/13


Report: Design Guide for Precast UHPC Waffle Deck Panel System, including Connections (6.69 mb pdf) June 2013

Related publication: Designing a Better Bridge with Ultra-High Performance Concrete Jun 2013


Sponsor(s): FHWA Highways for LIFE (HfL)

About the research


As a part of an innovation project funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Highways for LIFE program, a full-depth precast, ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) waffle deck panel and appropriate connections suitable for field implementation of waffle decks were developed.

Following a successful full-scale validation test on a unit consisting of two panels and there different types of connections under laboratory conditions, the waffle deck was successfully installed on a replacement bridge in Wapello County, Iowa. The subsequent load testing confirmed the desirable performance of the UHPC waffle deck bridge.

Using the lessons from the completed project and outcomes from a series of simple and detailed finite element analyses of waffle decks, this report was developed to serve as a guide for broadening the design and installation of the UHPC waffle deck panel in new and existing bridges.

Following an introduction to UHPC and waffle deck panels and a summary of completed work, the report presents information on: design of waffle deck, design of connections, redecking using waffle deck panels, and guidance on precast fabrication, construction, and installation of UHPC waffle deck panels.