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Iowa Guide and Reference Manual for Traffic Control Devices and Pavement Markings


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Project status


Start date: 10/01/99
End date: 04/30/01


Project webpage: http://www.ctre.iastate.edu/pubs/itcd/index.htm

Report: Iowa Guide and Reference Manual for Traffic Control Devices and Pavement Markings (669KB pdf) April 2001

Related publication: Iowa Traffic Control Devices and Pavement Markings: A Manual for Cities and Counties Apr 2001



About the research


Local transportation agencies are responsible for a significant investment in traffic control devices and pavement markings. General requirements and responsibilities for these activities are contained in the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and in the Code of Iowa. Further recommendations for the administration of traffic control devices and pavement markings at the local level are provided by the Iowa Department of Transportation and in many other documents from a variety of sources. However, no single reference or guidance manual exists for the common traffic control activities of local agencies in Iowa. This research project (TR-441) was approved by the Iowa Highway Research Board in October 1999 to develop and distribute a manual that would provide local agencies with practical advice and guidance for traffic control devices and pavement markings installation and maintenance. The project included seven tasks: (1) a review of available literature and references pertinent to traffic control, (2) the formation of an expert advisor guidance committee to recommend and assist in the development of a reference manual, (3) a survey of local agencies in Iowa to assess needs and concerns, (4) an investigation of strategies for inventory systems to assist local governments in the management of traffic control programs, (5) the development and distribution of the manual and operating statement, (6) the identification and production of miscellaneous outreach products to augment the research effort, and (7) the preparation of a project report to document the research activities.