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Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Supportive Services


Principal investigators:

Project status

In progress

Start date: 08/01/16
End date: 01/31/18


Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Transportation

About the research


Pursuant to Federal Regulation 49 CFR Part 26, the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) seeks “to ensure nondiscrimination in the award and administration of DOT-assisted contracts in the Department’s highway, transit, and airport financial assistance programs” and “to create a level playing field on which [Disadvantaged Business Enterprises] can compete fairly for DOT-assisted contracts.” The Office of Civil Rights at the Iowa DOT is charged, in part, with this effort. The purpose of this project is to provide Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) supportive services. The supportive services may include, but are not limited to, technical assistance through training in workshops and one-on-one, networking events, and publications. The Iowa State University team will work with the Iowa DOT and others to identify and provide the most efficient and productive supportive services possible.