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Embankment Quality: Phase I and Phase II


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Project status


Start date: 05/01/97
End date: 04/30/98


Report: Embankment Quality: Phase I (3.07 mb pdf) May 1998

Related publication: Embankment Quality: Phase II Nov 2015



About the research


Iowa has experienced flexible pavement roughness and slope stability problems on some recently constructed projects. It is suspected that the problems may be caused by the use of unsuitable soils and/or improper compaction and compaction moisture content. Sheepsfoot roller walkout is the current acceptance procedure for embankment compaction. This qualitative specification is totally dependent on the experience and judgment of field construction staff.

Rapid methods of field soil classification and improved training are required for field personnel. It is necessary to investigate alternative methods for embankment compaction acceptance and consider them for possible adoption.

The objective of this research is to evaluate the current compaction method and acceptance, to provide suggestions for new compaction procedures, and to recommend methods of testing and acceptance. In addition, current methods of disposal of unsuitable soils within the embankment relative to impact on roughness and slope stability need to evaluated.

The objectives of this, the first phase of the research project, are as follows: