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Coordination of Data Elements to support ISTEA Management Systems, Phase II, Statewide Implementation


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Project status


Start date: 07/01/97
End date: 12/01/98


Report: Coordination of Data Elements to support ISTEA Management Systems, Phase II, Statewide Implementation (190 kb pdf) July 1998


Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Transportation

About the research

Abstract: CTAMS Geomedia User Tool: Warehouse Connection Wizard, DATABASE METADATA BROWSER, MILEPOST QUERY TOOL and FEATURE LOADER

The Warehouse Connection Wizard provides Iowa DOT users with access to Geomedia warehouses without requiring knowledge of warehouse location and type. Without the WAREHOUSE CONNECTION WIZARD users must know the exact location of a warehouse, in addition to the type of storage format the warehouse is maintained. Certain warehouse types (i.e. MGE, MGSM) require special procedures to be followed in order to connect as a data warehouse. The WAREHOUSE CONNECTION WIZARD was created to alleviate these problems by automating much of the connection procedure.

The Database Metadata Browser allows users online access to database column information. The Database Metadata Browser tool was created to help users to determine what the name of a column in the database signifies or what a particular code in a column represents.

The Milepost Query Tool provides users the ability to easily select roadway sections referenced by milepost, without having to understand or learn the SQL commands necessary to run the query.

The Geomedia environment does not support the ability to import GPS and other feature data for display on a map. While not accessible to users, the Geomedia software does contain functionality to allow importing of geometry features. Feature Loader was written to access this functionality.