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Midwest Multi-state One-Stop Electronic Purchase of Motor Carrier Credentials


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Project status


Start date: 01/01/95
End date: 05/31/98


Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Transportation

Partner(s): Minnesota DOT, South Dakota DOT, Nebraska DOT, Kansas DOT, Missouri DOT, Illinois DOT, Wisconsin DOT, Iowa DOT, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, ATA Foundation/Western Highway Institute, Lockheed - Martin IMS, Rockwell International

About the research

Abstract: The two main objectives of this project are to 1) design and test a simple, easily deployable, low cost, and upwardly compatible one-stop electronic system for the purchase of motor carrier credentials that will make it possible for a motor carrier to apply for, and receive all the necessary credentials or permits electronically from either the base state or the necessary individual states, and 2) evaluate the improvements in both state and motor carrier productivity offered by streamlining the process for motor carriers to purchase credentials by utilizing a simple, easily deployable, low cost, and upwardly compatible one-state electronic system.