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National Governors' Association Study of Public Sector Costs and Benefits of ITS/CVO


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Project status


Start date: 11/20/96
End date: 05/31/97


Sponsor(s): Apogee Research

Partner(s): Apogee Research, Inc., Castle Rock Consultants, Inc.

About the research

Abstract: CTRE has partnered with Apogee Research, Inc. and Castle Rock Consultants, Inc. to prepare a Cost/Benefit Analysis of State Administrative Processes for Intelligent Transportation Systems for Commercial Vehicle Operations (ITS/CVO). The client for this research is the National Governors' Association (NGA). CTRE is the lead organization for Task 1 of the study and is responsible for the following subtasks:

A review of the current research literature on public sector benefits and costs of ITS/CVO and commercial trucking regulation, enforcement, and administration activities. A summary and analysis of current state administrative practices with respect to commercial trucking and ITS/CVO. A stratification of the 50 states into smaller groupings based on their ITS/CVO and administrative characteristics to be used in conducting the cost/benefit analysis in later tasks.