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Comparison of LIDAR and Photogrammetry for Highway Planning and Design


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Start date: 05/16/01
End date: 05/15/02


Report: Comparison of LIDAR and Photogrammetry for Highway Planning and Design (1.4 mb pdf) June 2002


Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Transportation

Partner(s): Year 2 match to Reg Souleyrette's University of California - Santa Barbara Remote Sensing project 404-17-19

About the research

Abstract: Conventional photogrammetric methods are frequently used to create surface terrain models for roadway planning and design. An advanced remote sensing technology LIDAR (Light Detecting and Ranging) has become a feasible, commercially available alternative for collection of coordinates for creation of surface terrain models. This project intends to compare surface elevation data from LIDAR to that obtained from traditional photogrammetry for use in highway location and design. The study location is a 10 mile stretch of Iowa 1. The project will compare spatial accuracy, data quality, and cost for the two data collection methods.