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Warrants for Roundabouts

Roundabout at an interstate exit in winter

Roundabout at I-70 Exit at Avon, CO


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Project status


Start date: 11/21/06
End date: 07/31/08


Report: Toolbox to Evaluate the Impacts of Roundabouts on a Corridor or Roadway Network (4 mb pdf) June 2008

Tech transfer summary: Toolbox to Evaluate the Impacts of Roundabouts (146 kb pdf) Jun 2008


Sponsor(s): Minnesota Department of Transportation

About the research

Abstract: This ?Toolbox to Evaluate the System Impacts of Roundabouts on a Corridor or Roadway Network? was developed to assist transportation agencies with assessing the impacts of roundabouts on a corridor or system in terms of transportation planning, corridor and network mobility, land use, flow conditions, access management, and other planning considerations (i.e. pedestrians, emissions). The Toolbox will allow agencies to consider the ?big picture? rather than assessing the safety and/or operational impacts of isolated roundabouts.