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Statistical Analysis of Highway Needs Condition Data: Manual vs Automated


Principal investigators:

Project status


Start date: 03/01/03
End date: 09/30/03


Report: Statistical Analysis of Highway Needs Condition Data: Manual vs Automated (157 kb pdf) September 2003


Sponsor(s): Iowa Highway Research Board

About the research

Abstract: This project examines similarities and differences between the automated condition data collected on and off county paved roads and the manual condition data collected by Iowa DOT staff in 2000 and 2001. Also, the researchers will provide staff support to the advisory committee in exploring other options to the highway need process.

The results show that the automated condition data can be used in a converted highway needs process with no major differences between the two methods. Even though the foundation rating difference was significant, the foundation rating weighting factor in HWYNEEDS is minimal and should not have a major impact.

In terms of RUTF formula based distribution, the results clearly show the superiority of the condition-based analysis compared to the non-condition based. That correlation can be further enhanced by adding more distress variables to the analysis.