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Algona Mill Truck Dispatching Automation


Principal investigator:

Project status


Start date: 01/01/06
End date: 11/30/06


Report: Algona Mill Truck Dispatching Automation (3.2 mb pdf) November 2006


Sponsor(s): Murphy-Brown, LLC

About the research

Abstract: This research was initiated by Murphy-Brown, LLC (MB), to automate the company's truck dispatching activities. The company's goals were to move away from a manual truck dispatching program, improve the economy of truck usage, and capitalize on truck back haul.

The research team observed MB's current manual truck dispatching operations at a MB mill in Algona, Iowa, and spoke with staff at the Algona site. A Hy-Vee distribution center in Chariton, Iowa, which recently acquired an automated truck dispatching system, was visited to evaluate Hy-Vee's automated dispatching operations. An internet search for truck routing software vendors was also completed. The Algona mill's automated truck dispatching system requirements were then compiled using all of these resources. Lastly, a teleconference was held to discuss the application of automated truck dispatching software from Paradox Software Consulting, Inc., and the results were positive.

This report recommends that Paradox Software Consulting, Inc., be selected to supply an automated truck dispatching program to MB. Paradox is currently providing other services for MB, and Paradox can meet or exceed the system requirements detailed in this report.