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Emergency Response Information System (ERIS)

Funded by: Iowa Department of Transportation, Iowa Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau, and Iowa Department of Public Health

The Emergency Response Information System (ERIS) consists of GIS databases of local emergency response agency boundaries and attributes for the state of Iowa. A pilot project involved the EMS and Fire districts in Henry, Johnson, Lee, and Washington Counties.

First distribution of the ERIS was in a stand-alone format with the information stored on a cd-rom that can be accessed using free GIS viewing software. This information will help local agencies to visualize and improve allocation of resources. The Iowa Department of Transportation will benefit by having a better understanding of the impact that road development (construction and access control) has on local emergency services.

For more information, see a presentation (*pdf): Marketing Outside the Highway Safety Arena: Iowa's ERIS project.

Information Collection

The database information was collected from a six-page questionnaire filled out on paper. A sample of the paper form is available in *pdf format.

Information gathered includes

Online Form

Eventually, the questionnaire form will be available in an online format that will allow new and updated information to be fed directly into the database. 

Project Team

For more information on the ERIS project, contact Reg Souleyrette, Principal Investigator, 515-294-5353, reg@iastate.edu


*To view a pdf file, you need a copy of Acrobat Reader, available for download free from Adobe.

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