Iowa Infrastructure Management Information System Pilot Project

Infrastructure Management Information System Project Report, October 1998 (pdf file)

IMIS User Manual, October 1998 (pdf file)

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Project Summary

This project will develop and pilot test a sewer and water infrastructure management information system (IMIS) for Iowa. The main goal of this project is to develop an effective and useful infrastructure management information system for infrastructure funding organizations, economic developers, and environmental regulations. The project will use Geographic Information System (GIS) technology.

The project will establish a partnership using resources from the US Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration 302A program to address another critical rural development issue in Iowa: managing and investing in our aging sewer and water infrastructure. This partnership will bring together the technological expertise of Iowa State University and the management information data of state government agencies, federal government agencies and regional planning/development organizations. The project is being administered by the Iowa Department of Economic Development's Bureau of Community Finance.


There will be eleven main work tasks for this project. These include:


Project deliverables will include a fully-functional infrastructure management information system for the two pilot regions, examples of output (maps and reports), documentation of the system, and a written evaluation of the project noting whether and how it could be expanded statewide. This project should complement several other CTRE GIS projects, including the Intergrated Transportation Management System project and the Improved Employment Data project.


This project is now under contract and will be completed by October, 1998. The initial meeting of the Advisory Committee was held in December, 1997. Pilot areas near Creston and Decorah have been selected. Existing GIS data that may be applicable have been reviewed. The system is now undergoing testing and modification based on feedback from the advisory committee.

Project Staff

Co-Principal Investigators
Tom Maze
David Plazak

Project Manager
David Plazak

Project Staff
Dan Gieseman

Iowa Department of Economic Development Technical Monitor
Rose Wazny

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