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Principal Investigator-Managed Project Web Pages

This page is an index to project web pages developed by (and usually for) a given project's research team. Contents of these pages usually include a scope of work, meeting minutes, names of research team members and sponsors, etc.

Advantage I-75 Mainline Automated Clearance System (MACS)
MACS demonstrated and evaluated the feasibility of electronic clearance at weigh stations along the Interstate Highway 75 corridor. The test involved participants from government and industry.

Concept Highway Maintenance Vehicle
The goal of the Concept Highway Maintenance Vehicle research project is to study the feasibility of using advanced technologies from other industries to improve the efficiency and safety of winter highway maintenance vehicle operations.

Des Moines ITS Early Deployment
The objective of this study was to develop a strategic plan for the development of appropriate intelligent transportation systems market packages for the Des Moines, Iowa, metropolitan area.

Development of Training Materials for Federal Data Workbooks
The objective of this effort is to develop a workbook documenting and illustrating the use of federal databases by state and local transportation agencies.

Emergency Response Information System (ERIS)
The ERIS will consist of GIS databases of local emergency response agency boundaries and attributes for the state of Iowa.

FHWA Technology Transfer Transportation Planning Geographic Information Systems
Four Tranplan environments are available for download as zip files containing all the programs required to perform complete model runs of the environments and a sample network (Ames, Iowa) to test the operation of the programs.

Geographic Information System-Based Accident Location and Analysis System (GIS-ALAS)
This project was designed to provide spatial display, query, analysis, and reporting capabilities for users in highway safety, law enforcement, and health services.

GIS-T Tranplan Enhancement
CTRE worked with the Iowa Department of Transportation and area metropolitan planning organizations to improve a previously developed interface between Tranplan/ArcView and Tranplan/MapInfo.

GIS Traffic Planning Tools
The objective of this project was to develop tools and procedures to assist Iowa transportation planners and traffic engineers in conducting various impact studies.

Incident Location Tool
In 1998, CTRE began development of an automated system designed for both in-house and in-field collection of crash location information. Central to this system was a map-based graphical user interface (GUI) designed around geographic information system (GIS) technology.

Iowa Access Management Awareness Project
This project aims to improve awareness of how access management can lead to safer, better functioning highways, roads, and streets in Iowa. 

Iowa Infrastructure Management Information System Pilot Project
This project developed and pilot tested a sewer and water infrastructure management information system (IMIS) for Iowa.

Iowa's Mississippi River Trail (MRT) Plan
The Iowa DOT commissioned CTRE to develop this plan, which includes minimum design standards, a route analysis, a recommended improvement plan, an implementation plan, and estimated benefits and impacts of the Iowa MRT.

Methods to Reduce Traffic Speed in High Pedestrian Areas (HPA)
HPA evaluates the impact of speed reduction strategies in high pedestrian areas in rural Minnesota counties. 

Midwest ITS/CVO Mainstreaming
The goal the FHWA has established for the Mainstreaming program is to support nationwide deployment of ITS/CVO services by the year 2005.

Multimodal Investment Analysis
The purpose of this project is to develop a multimodal transportation investment analysis methodology that will permit the analysis of transportation investmenyts from a systemwide perspective.

Remote Sensing in Transportation
The proposed project is part of the National Consortium on Remote Sensing in Transportation. The goal of the project is to determine the feasibility and different applications of remote sensing as applied to infrastructure management in transportation.

Smart Map Location Tool 
A GIS-based tool was integrated into the Mobile Accident Reporting System (MARS) software, with which local agencies, as well as the Iowa Department of Transportation's Motor Vehicles Division, can locate crashes. 

Statewide, Non-NHS Federal Aid Eligible System, Pavement Management Program
The purpose of this project is to develop a pavement management information system for the state of Iowa that will include the non-National Highway System and Federal Aid Eligible highways.

Statewide Transportation Planning Model and Methodology Development Program
This project investigated and established guidelines for the development of analytical methods to support the Iowa Department of Transportation's intermodal statewide planning process.

Systematic Identification of High Crash Locations (HCL)
HCL seeks to develop a tool and a process by which Iowa engineers can identify potentially hazardous roadway locations and designs.  

Thin Maintenance Surfaces
The objective of this project is to develop a thin maintenance surface technology transfer program specifically for municipal and secondary road personnel.

Weigh-in-Motion (WIM)
This project synthesized the "best practices" in the use of WIM technology by the states into a WIM Handbook, which is similar to other technical handbooks on the state-of-the-art technology and practice produced by the FHWA.