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Iowa Traffic Safety Data Service

PCC Center

Midwest Transportation Consortium

Remote Sensing in Transportation

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Research Scope

The project is part of the National Consortium on Remote Sensing in Transportation. The goal of the project is to determine the feasibility and different applications of remote sensing as applied to infrastructure management in transportation.

Consortium Web Site

National Consortium on Remote Sensing in Transportation Infrastructure


  • yr 1: Access Management
  • yr 1: Feature Extraction
  • yr 2: LIDAR for Highway Planning and Design
  • yr 3: Advanced technolgies for 3D measurement, monitoring and surveillance


2002/2003 (yr 3)


Project Team 

Principal Investigators

Reginald Soulyrette, Associate Professor, reg@iastate.edu

Shauna L. Hallmark, shallmar@iastate.edu

Research Engineer

Zach Hans, zhans@iastate.edu



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