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Jul 2018 Long Term Performance of Overlays: Thin Epoxy Overlay vs. Traditional Rigid Overlay
Jun 2019 Iowa DOT Office of Maintenance Snow Plow Optimization
Dec 2018 Automating Near Miss Crash Detection using Existing Traffic Cameras
Dec 2018 Evaluation of Speed Limit Policy Impacts on Iowa Highways
Dec 2018 In-Service Evaluation of Culvert Extensions
Dec 2018 In-Service Evaluation of Railroad Signal and Stop Arm Pole Protection
Dec 2017 Investigation of Wrong-Way Driving
Dec 2018 Role of Coarse Aggregate Porosity on Chloride Intrusion in HPC Bridge Decks
Oct 2018 Iowa DOT Office of Maintenance Winter Operations Decision Support Tools
Apr 2021 Implementation of the Negative Moment Reinforcing Detail Recommendations
Apr 2020 Self-Heating Electrically Conductive Concrete Demonstration Project
Jun 2019 Low Cost Rural Surface Alternatives Phase III: Demonstration Project and Phase IV: Frost Depth Monitoring and Prediction
Sep 2018 Development of Bio-Based Polymers for Use in Asphalt - Phase II
Feb 2018 Enhancing the Fundamental Knowledge and Use of Asphalt Emulsions Using Systematic Scientific and Engineering Approaches
Feb 2018 Hybrid Concrete for Advancing Pavement Performance
Aug 2017 I-74 Mississippi River Bridge VR Simulation
Feb 2018 Initial Characterization of Geopolymer Based UHPC Material Properties
Jan 2019 Assessing and Enhancing the Transportation Resilience for the State of Iowa
Aug 2018 Beam End Repair for Prestressed Concrete Beams
Dec 2017 Construction of New Substructure Beneath Existing Bridges
Aug 2018 Evaluation of Alternative Abutment Piling for Low Volume Road Bridges
Dec 2019 Fatigue Evaluation of Reinforced and Unreinforced Hand Holes in Light Poles
May 2020 Evaluation, Laboratory Testing, Construction Documentation, and Field Testing/Monitoring of US 52 Overflow Bridge over Mississippi River
Oct 2019 Determination of the Forces in X-Frames in Curved Girder Bridges
Oct 2026 Evaluation of Service Life Design of Bridges
Sep 2021 Evaluation of RePLAY for Mainline, Shoulders, and Rumbles: Pilot Study in Clinton County
Feb 2018 Traffic Sign Life Expectancy
Jul 2018 Effectiveness of Pavement Preservation Techniques
Sep 2017 SHRP2 Implementation Assistance Program
Jan 2018 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Supportive Services
Jan 2018 Guide to Lifecycle Data and Information Sharing Workflow for Transportation Assets
Dec 2018 Evaluate, Modify, and Adapt the ConcreteWorks Software for Iowa's Use
Aug 2018 Investigation of Exterior Girder Rotation and the Effect of Skew during Deck Placement
Dec 2019 Midwest Cross-Jurisdictional Image Verification
Dec 2018 Partially Grouted Revetment for Low-Volume Road Bridges
May 2019 Evaluation of Performance of a Short-Span T-Beam Bridge in Buchanan County
Feb 2018 Implementation of Structural Health Monitoring System
Oct 2018 Performance Based Evaluation of Cost Effective Aggregate Options for Granular Roadways
Jun 2017 Culvert Lateral Earth Pressure Sensors: Instrumentation of a Box Culvert During and After Construction
Dec 2017 Highway Safety Improvement Program Implementation Process
Feb 2018 Use of SHRP2 NDS Data to Evaluate Roadway Departure Characteristics
Dec 2018 Evaluation of the Use of Link Slabs in Bridge Projects
Dec 2019 Evaluation of Performance of A1010 Bridge Steel
May 2017 Research Utilizing the SHRP2 Safety Data to Support Highway Safety
Sep 2017 Stream and Watershed Delineations using LiDAR Data
Jun 2019 Calibrating the Iowa Pore Index with Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry and Petrography
Jun 2018 Cost-Competitive Timber Bridge Designs for Long-Term Performance
Jun 2020 Develop Statewide Urban Design Standards and Specifications Manuals for Public Improvements
Dec 2017 Investigation into Shrinkage of High Performance Concrete Used for Iowa Bridge Decks and Overlays - Phase II Shrinkage Control and Field Investigation
May 2018 Development of Quality Standards for Inclusion of High Recycled Asphalt Pavement Content in Asphalt Mixtures-Phase III
Jul 2017 Cost-Effective Field Test Methods for LRFD Resistance Factors of Drilled Shafts
Dec 2017 Validation Study for Detection and Quantification of Corrosion in Bridge Barrier Rails
Feb 2018 Assessing Bridge Characteristics for Use and Importance as Roosting Habitats for Bats
Dec 2016 Effect of Wind-Induced Unsteady Vortex Shedding, Diurnal Temperature Changes, and Transit Conditions on Truss Structures Supporting Large Highway Signs
Jun 2018 Development of a Comprehensive Access Management Policy and Guidelines
Nov 2018 Laboratory and Field Evaluation of an Alternative UHPC Mix and an Associated UHPC Bridge
Jul 2017 Can Missouri Gravel Beds Function as a Year-Round Production System to Improve Tree Root Structure and Fine Biomass vs. Traditional Pot in Pot Production Methods
Oct 2017 Integration of Structural Health Monitoring into Mulitlayer Statewide Bridge Maintenance and Management Practices
Aug 2017 Using Operational Data to Access Mobility and Crash Experience During Winter Conditions
Sep 2019 High Friction Surface Treatment for High Crash Locations
Mar 2018 Laboratory and Field Evaluation of a Composite Glue-Laminated Girder to Deck Connection
Aug 2019 Verification of LRFD Resistance Factors for Drilled Shafts Using Field Tests
Sep 2017 Design and Performance Verification of a Bridge Column/Footing/Pile System for Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)
May 2017 Risk-Based Bridge Management: A Methodology to Assess and Incorporate Risk in Decision-Making
May 2019 Performance and Load Response of Rigid Pavement Systems
Jun 2018 Investigation of the Causes of Transverse Bridge Deck Cracking
Aug 2018 Autonomous Sensing Skin for Detection and Localization of Fatigue Cracks
Dec 2017 Groundwater System Impacts on the US 63 Railway Underpass Near Waterloo, Iowa - Phase II
Mar 2014 Static Load Test of a Steel Pile at a Sand Site for Adopting a Higher Resistance Factor
May 2015 Supplementary Frost Forecasts for Iowa Roads and Bridges
Jun 2014 Work Plan for the Bridge Center and Bridge Engineer Program FY2014-Dynamic Sensor
Dec 2017 Biofuel Co-Product Uses for Pavement Geo-Materials Stabilization: Extensive Lab Characterization and Field Demonstration
Apr 2016 Development of Crash Modification Factors for Curve Chevrons
Jun 2018 Holding Strategies for Low-Volume State Routes
Dec 2017 Rapid Bridge Deck Joint Repair Investigation - Phase II
Dec 2017 Rapid Bridge Deck Joint Repair Investigation - Phase III
Sep 2013 Pilot Construction Project for Granular Shoulder Stabilization
Sep 2018 Investigation and Evaluation of the Iowa Department of Transportation Bridge Deck Epoxy Injection Process
Jun 2018 Development of a Structural Health Monitoring System to Evaluate Structural Capacity and Estimate Remaining Service Life for Bridges
Dec 2012 Performance of Lightweight Foam Concrete Fill and Post-Grouted Drilled Shafts in Broadway Viaduct Replacement
Feb 2018 Connection Details and Field Implementation of UHPC Piles - Phase II
Jul 2011 Iowa DOT Roller Integrated Compaction Monitoring Research and Implementation
Feb 2010 Application of Visualization and Simulation Program to Improve Work Zone Safety and Mobility
Dec 2018 Improving the Foundation Layers for Concrete Pavements
Jun 2012 Technology Transfer Concrete Consortium
Dec 2017 Implementation of the Iowa DOT Pavement Management Optimization Model
Jun 2009 CARS Location Database Update and Validation
Aug 2008 Geospatial safety analysis for highway curves and resurfacing projects
Dec 2009 Enhancements to the Incident Mapping and Analysis Tools (IMAT)
Sep 2009 Incident Location Tool Support for Iowa DOT
Sep 2009 Incident Location Tool Support for the Iowa Department of Transportation
Dec 2017 AASHTOWare BrM Bridge Management System Implementation and Operation
May 2008 Iowa DOT Pavement Marking Management System: Research and Field Evaluation Assistance
Nov 2007 Assessment of Iowa Climatic Data and Its Integration into the AASHTO Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Procedure
Dec 2009 Location Tool Support for TraCS Location Tool States
Dec 2009 New Implementation of the Incident Location Tool
Nov 2007 Testing Iowa Asphalt Mixtures for the AASHTO Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Procedure
Jun 2007 Older Driver Demonstration Study, City of Des Moines
Jun 2006 Testing Iowa Portland Cement Concrete Mixtures for the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide
Nov 2006 Investigation of the Impact of Rural Develoment on Secondary Road Systems (TR-548)
Aug 2006 Iowa Event Operations
Dec 2005 Winter Weather Crash Trends on Iowa Primary Roads
Dec 2008 Weatherview: XML Data Structure & Maintenance
Jun 2010 Iowa Traffic Safety Data Service
Jul 2005 Phone Support and Minor Development/Testing for States Using the Incident Location Tool Developed by CTRE


Project end date More information
Jun 2018 Portable Multi-Sensor System for Intersection Safety Performance Assessment
Apr 2018 Estimating Energy Efficiency of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in a Mixed Fleet
Aug 2017 Collection of Freeze-Thaw Performance Data on Vail Avenue
Jun 2018 Evaluation of the Mechanical and Environmental Performance of Biofuel Co-Product-Stabilized Unpaved Roads
May 2018 Iowa DOT Traffic Operations Open Data Service
Jul 2017 Small City Work Zone Sign Package Program Implementation
Aug 2016 Project Management Update to the Iowa DOT Project Development Manual
Dec 2016 Development of a Transportation Real-Time Technology Readiness Framework
Mar 2018 Use of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete for Bridge Deck Overlays
Mar 2018 Development of a Rapid Assessment Tool for Pile Capacity and Stability in Response to Scour Situations
Aug 2016 Bridge Design Effort and Cost Estimation Models - Phase I
Jun 2018 Prevention of Longitudinal Cracking in Iowa Widened Concrete Pavement
Nov 2017 Evaluation of the Metal Fatigue Solutions Electrochemical Fatigue Sensor System
Apr 2019 Concrete Overlay Performance on Iowa's Roadways
Feb 2018 Development of Iowa Road Safety Assessment (RSA) Guidelines
Jun 2018 Performance-Based Operations Assessment of Adaptive Control Implementation in Des Moines, Iowa
Dec 2016 Prevention and Restoration of Early Joint Deterioration
Oct 2016 Development of an Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective Biogrout for Concrete Crack Repair
Sep 2017 Crash Cushion Selection Criteria
Apr 2018 Evaluation of Rural Intersection Treatments
Mar 2018 In-Service Performance Evaluation of Median Cable Barriers in Iowa
Feb 2018 Installation Guidance for Centerline and Edgeline Rumble Strips in Narrow Pavements
Jul 2016 Iowa DOT Project Management Peer Exchange
Dec 2016 Risk Factor Identification
Oct 2015 Quantifying Road Roughness from Terrestrial Laser Scanning
May 2016 Temporary Traffic Control Handbook for Local Agencies
Mar 2018 Assessment of the Consumer Reasons for Selection of Ethanol Fuel
Jun 2018 Analysis of Dynamic Advisory Messaging – Phase II
Jan 2017 Setting Work Zone Speed Limits
Mar 2017 Optimal Placement of Iowa DOT Maintenance Garages: Muscatine and Dubuque Case Studies
Nov 2016 Guidance on Traffic Sign Effectiveness, Installation, and Removal
Feb 2018 Feasibility of Granular Road and Shoulder Recycling
May 2016 Investigation of the Effect of Speed on the Dynamic Impact Factor for Bridges with Different Entrance Conditions
May 2016 Investigation of the Impact of Dual-Lane Axle Spacing on Lateral Load Distribution
Nov 2015 Use of SHRP2 NDS Data to Evaluate Roadway Departure Characteristics
Jun 2018 Testing, Performance Evaluation, and Documentation of the Little Silver Creek Bridge: An Accelerated Innovation Deployment (AID) Project using Accelerated Bridge Construction
Jun 2017 Context-Sensitive Designs: Testing of Multi-Performance Level Box Beam Standards
Sep 2016 Assessing Segment- and Corridor-Based Travel-Time Reliability on Urban Freeways
Dec 2016 Data Driven Urban Traffic Prediction for Winter Performance Measurements
Dec 2017 Development of Crash Modification Factors for Lane Departure Countermeasures
Mar 2018 Development of Rural Road Bridge Weigh-in-Motion System to Assess Weight and Configuration of Farm-to-Market Vehicles
Jun 2016 Development and Evaluation of Portable Device for Measuring Curling and Warping in Concrete Pavements
Sep 2016 Economic Impact of Multi-Span, Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges Designed as Simple Span versus Continuous Span
Jun 2017 Field Measurements on the Effect of Temporary Rumble Strips in Work Zone Flagging Operations
Sep 2016 Historical Performance Evaluation of Iowa Pavement Treatments Using Data Analytics
Jun 2016 Upgrading Bridge Rails on Low-Volume Roads in Iowa
Sep 2014 Multidisciplinary Safety Team (MDST) Factors of Success
Feb 2016 Cement Stabilization of Embankment Materials
Mar 2016 Embankment Quality and Assessment of Moisture Control Implementation
Oct 2015 Comparison of Setting Time Measured Using Ultrasonic Wave Propagation with Saw-Cutting Times on Pavements
Apr 2018 Evaluation of Otta Seal Surfacing for Low Volume Roads in Iowa
Apr 2016 Investigation of Techniques for Accelerating the Construction of Bridge Deck Overlays
Feb 2016 Laboratory Investigation of Bridge Strip Seal Joint Termination Details
Dec 2017 Impacts of Internally Cured Concrete Paving on Contraction Joint Spacing
Jan 2016 Investigation of AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design/DARWin-ME Performance Prediction Models for Iowa Pavement Analysis and Design
Mar 2016 Investigation of the High-Strength Bolt-Tightening Verification Techniques
Sep 2017 Strength, Durability, and Application of Grouted Couplers for Integral Abutments in Accelerated Bridge Construction
Dec 2015 VISSIM Calibration for Urban Freeways
Mar 2018 Evaluation of Successful Forested Wetland Mitigation in Iowa
Mar 2018 Performance Monitoring of Boone County Expo Pavement Sections, (Continuation - Phase III)
Jul 2016 Validation of Gyratory Mix Design in Iowa
Sep 2015 Implementation Manual for 3D Engineered Models for Construction
Jun 2017 Improving Estimations of Real-Time Traffic Speeds During Weather for Winter Performance Measurement
Apr 2015 Iowa's Bridge and Highway Climate Change and Extreme Weather Vulnerability Assessment Pilot
Jul 2016 Impact of Curling and Warping on Concrete Pavement
May 2016 A Decision Support System for Optimized Equipment Turnover
Feb 2015 Development of Railroad Highway Grade Crossing Consolidation Rating Formula
Dec 2014 Investigation of Field Corrosion Performance and Bond/Development Length of Galvanized Reinforcing Steel
Dec 2015 Evaluation of Pavement Markings on Low-Volume Rural Roadways in Iowa
Jun 2015 Low-Cost Rural Surface Alternatives: Demonstration Project
Mar 2015 Assessment of Asphalt Interlayer Designed on Jointed Concrete Pavement
Feb 2016 Evaluating the Relationship between the Driver and Roadway to Address Rural Intersection Safety using the SHRP2 Naturalistic Driving Study Data
Aug 2015 Evaluating Roadway Subsurface Drainage Practices - Phase II
May 2014 Development of HMA Dynamic Modulus Master Curve Using FWD Data
Mar 2015 Development of Quality Standards for Inclusion of High Recycled Asphalt Pavement Content in Asphalt Mixtures - Phase II
Dec 2014 Deer-Vehicle Crash Information and Research Center
Sep 2015 Evaluation of the Need for Longitudinal Median Joints in Bridge Decks on Dual Structures
Sep 2015 Investigation of Negative Moment Reinforcing in Bridge Decks
Jun 2016 Polymer Concrete Overlay Evaluation
Dec 2014 Pavement Management Performance Modeling: Evaluating the Existing PCI Equations
Sep 2013 Engineering Intern Development and Management Program for 2013
Jun 2015 Iowa ABC Connections
Jun 2015 Iowa ABC Connections - Working Standards and Design Examples
Jun 2017 Buchanan County IBRD Bridge Project: Evaluation of a Folded Plate Girder Bridge System
Jan 2015 Study of the Regulatory Issues Affecting Truck Freight Movement in the Midwest
Jan 2015 Modeling Merging Behavior at Lane Drops
Oct 2014 Quantifying Uncertainty in Real Time Performance Measurement for Highway Winter Maintenance Operations - Phase 2
Mar 2015 Assessment of Non-Destructive Testing Technologies for Quality Control/Quality Assurance Testing of Asphalt Mixtures
Apr 2018 Durable Pavement Marking and Grooving
Nov 2015 Iowa Pavement Asset Management Decision-Making Framework
Dec 2014 Rapid Replacement of Bridge Deck Expansion Joints Study - Phase I
Jun 2014 Synthesis of Practice on the Use of Multiple ITS Sensors at RWIS Sites
Aug 2016 Development of a Wireless MEMS Multifunction Sensor System and Field Demonstration of Embedded Sensors for Monitoring Concrete Pavements
Oct 2014 Synthesis of Iowa Research to Address Rural Safety -- Assessing Applicability of International Safety Countermeasures to Iowa
May 2015 Laboratory Investigation of Concrete Beam-End Treatments
Aug 2015 Laboratory Investigation of Grouted Coupler Connection Details for ABC Bridge Projects
Nov 2015 Development of Non-Petroleum-Based Binders for Use in Flexible Pavements - Phase II
Mar 2013 Measuring Salt Retention
Aug 2013 Pilot Project - Demonstration of Capabilities and Benefits of Bridge Load Rating through Physical Testing
Jun 2013 Work-Zone Traffic Performance Measures
Jun 2016 Evaluation and Testing of a Lightweight Fine Aggregate Concrete Bridge Deck in Buchanan County, Iowa
Nov 2014 Methods for Removing Concrete Decks from Bridge Girders
Sep 2014 Safety and Mobility Impacts of Winter Weather - Phase 3
Dec 2012 School Bus Safety Study - Kadyn's Law
Sep 2014 Statewide Heavy-Truck Crash Assessment
Sep 2015 Asset Management Program Enhancement Plan: Baseline Assessment Phases I and II
Dec 2013 Boone County Expo Research Phase I - Granular Road Compaction and Stabilization
May 2013 Evaluating Roadway Subsurface Drainage Practices
Sep 2017 Evaluation of the Buchanan County IBRD Bridge on Victor Avenue over Prairie Creek
Jan 2014 Iowa Mass Concrete for Bridge Foundations Study - Phase II
Apr 2013 Development of Bio-Based Polymers for Use in Asphalt
Dec 2014 Optimizing Pavement Base, Subbase and Subgrade Layers for Cost and Performance on Local Roads
Oct 2015 Reflective Crack Mitigation Guide for Flexible Pavements
Nov 2012 Road Safety Audit for IA 28 from the South Corporate Limits of Norwalk in Warren County through the IA 5 Interchange in Polk County, Iowa
Sep 2013 Western Iowa Missouri River Flooding - Geo-Infrastructure Damage Assessment, Repair, and Mitigation Strategies
Apr 2012 Road Safety Audit for the Intersection of US 59 and IA 9 in Osceola County, Iowa
Oct 2013 Bridge Damage Detection: Integration of Structural Health Monitoring System Concepts and Components - A Statewide Collaboration
Aug 2012 Improving the Accuracy and Usability of Iowa Falling Weight Deflectometer Data
Nov 2014 Development of Preliminary Load and Resistance Factor Design of Drilled Shafts in Iowa
Sep 2014 Electronic Construction Collaboration System - Final Phase
Sep 2013 Shrinkage of High-Performance Concrete Used for Iowa Bridge Decks and Overlays
Apr 2013 Training Development for Pavement Preservation
Apr 2013 Feasibility Study for Detection and Quantification of Corrosion in Bridge Barrier Rails
Dec 2012 Evaluation of the Safety Edge in Iowa: Phase II
Apr 2013 Laboratory and Field Testing of an Accelerated Bridge Construction Demonstration Bridge: US Highway 6 Bridge over Keg Creek
Aug 2013 Warm Mix Asphalt Phase II: Evaluation of WMA Quality Assurance Testing Protocols
Jun 2011 Iowa DOT Roller Integrated Compaction Monitoring Technology Research and Implementation - Phase II
Dec 2013 RFID Tags for Detecting Concrete Degradation in Bridge Decks
Aug 2012 Iowa Calibration of MEPDG Performance Prediction Models
Jul 2013 Improving Traffic Safety Culture in Iowa - Phase II
Nov 2012 Integrated Risk Management for Improving Internal Traffic Control, Work-Zone Safety, and Mobility during Major Construction
Sep 2011 Review of Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device Policies and Programs
Feb 2015 GIS Automation of LiDAR DEM Cutting for Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling
May 2013 Evaluation of Mitigation for Safety Concerns on Low-Volume, Unpaved Rural Roads
May 2012 Evaluation of Various Methods for Deflecting Debris from Bridge Piers
Aug 2012 Revision to the SUDAS Traffic Signal Standards - Phase 2
Aug 2012 Development of a Bridge Safety Information System for the Saylorville Reservoir Bridge
Apr 2013 Evaluation and Guidance on Effective Traffic Calming for Small Communities
Sep 2015 Improving the Accuracy of Camber Predictions for Precast Prestensioned Concrete Beams
May 2012 Study of the Factors that Contribute to Motorcycle Conspicuity - Phase II
Mar 2010 Road Safety Audit for Marion County Road T15
Nov 2010 Iowa DOT Intelligent Compaction Research and Implementation: Phases I and II
Dec 2012 Evaluating the Effectiveness of the City of Des Moines LED and RRFB Pedestrian Crossing Treatments
Apr 2012 Toolbox of Countermeasures to Reduce Red Light Running
Nov 2010 Road Safety Audit for James Avenue NW and 250th Street NW, from the North Corporate Limits of Tiffin
Jan 2012 Iowa Mass Concrete for Bridge Foundation Study - Phase I
Aug 2016 Technology Transfer Intelligent Compaction Consortium
Apr 2013 Quality Control/Quality Assurance Testing for Joint Density and Segregation of Asphalt Mixtures
Jun 2011 Electronic Construction Collaboration System - Phase III
Jun 2014 Investigation of a Suitable Shear Friction Interface between UHPC and Normal Strength Concrete for Bridge Deck Applications
Jun 2012 Visualization Resources for Iowa State University and the Iowa DOT: An Automated Design Model to Simulator Converter
Oct 2010 Road Safety Audit for US 151 from Amana to US 30 in Cedar Rapids
Sep 2012 Timber Abutment Piling and Back Wall Rehabilitation and Repair
Jun 2015 Implementation of a Pilot Continuous Monitoring System: Iowa Falls Arch Bridge
Jun 2012 Development of a Database for Drilled SHAft Foundation Testing (DSHAFT)
Jun 2011 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Red Light Running Camera Enforcement in Cedar Rapids and Developing Guidelines for Selection and Use of Red Light Running Countermeasures
Sep 2017 Study of the Impacts of Implements of Husbandry on Iowa Bridges
Aug 2011 Applicability of Road Assessment Program Methods to Metropolitan Safety Planning
Dec 2011 Development of a Conflict Analysis Methodology Using SSAM
Dec 2010 Horizontal Curve Identification and Evaluation
Aug 2011 Safety and Mobility Impacts of Winter Weather - Phase I
Jun 2014 Structural Characterization of UHPC Waffle Bridge Deck and Connections
Nov 2010 Behavior Study of Merge Practices for Drivers at Work Zone Closures
Apr 2013 Wind Loads on Dynamic Message Cabinets and Behavior of Supporting Trusses
Jan 2010 Road Safety Audit for County Road H-46 in Jefferson County, Iowa
Jan 2010 Road Safety Audit for County Roads X-23 and W-62 in Lee County, Iowa
Jul 2013 Performance of Recycled Asphalt Shingles in Hot Mix Asphalt
Sep 2009 Road Safety Audit for Intersection of IA 1 and County Road F-67 in Johnson County, Iowa
Oct 2010 Improving Traffic Safety Culture in Iowa
Jan 2011 Evaluation of Safety Edge Benefits in Iowa
Jun 2011 A Feasibility Study of Embedded Micro-Electromechanical Sensors
Jun 2010 Enhancing Motorcycle Conspicuity Awareness in Iowa
Aug 2009 Road Safety Audit for Intersection of US 218 and County Road C-57 in Black Hawk County, Iowa
Jun 2009 Road Safety Audit for County Road X-37 in Louisa County, Iowa
Dec 2009 Road Safety Audit for IA 150/US 52 from I-380 to the Minnesota Border
Aug 2009 Support by State Departments of Transportation for Local Agency Safety Initiatives
Jun 2009 Road Safety Audit for County Road W-55 in Washington County, Iowa
Feb 2010 Application of Visualization and Simulation Program to Improve Work Zone Safety and Mobility
Aug 2011 A Transportation Safety Planning Tool for the City of Ames
Mar 2011 Lane Departure Safety Countermeasures: Strategic Action Plan for the Iowa Department of Transportation
Jul 2010 Wind Monitoring of the Red Rock Reservoir Bridge for Wind Induced Vibrations with Remote, Cellular-Based Notifications
Aug 2010 Investigation of Warm-Mix Asphalt Using Iowa Aggregates
Feb 2009 Road Safety Audit for Marshall County Road E-35
Dec 2010 Roadway Lighting and Safety: Phase II-Monitoring Quality, Durability, and Efficiency
Feb 2011 Development of Updated Specifications for Roadway Rehabilitation Techniques
Dec 2011 Evaluation of the Buena Vista IBRD Bridge: A Furthering of Accelerated Bridge Construction in Iowa
Dec 2011 Field Testing and Evaluation of a Demonstration Timber Bridge
Mar 2009 Road Safety Audit for I-380 through the Cities of Cedar Rapids and Hiawatha in Linn County, Iowa
Mar 2011 Low-Cost Strategies to Reduce Speed and Crashes on Curves
Jun 2009 Road Safety Audit for US 6 from Iowa City to West Liberty in Johnson and Muscatine Counties, Iowa
Nov 2008 Road Safety Audit for the US 61/Harrison Street and West Locust Street Intersection in Davenport
Dec 2008 Best Practices Safety Guide for Local Rural Agencies
Feb 2010 An Experimental Validation of a Statistical-Based Damage Detection Approach
Jan 2010 Infrastructure Impacts of Iowa's Changing Economy (TR-593)
Jul 2009 Bridge Rails and Approach Railing for Low-Volume Roads in Iowa (TR-592)
Jul 2009 Development of Non-Petroleum Based Binders for Use in Flexible Pavements (TR-594)
Jul 2009 Evaluation of the Iowa Driver Improvement Program
Jul 2011 Wet Reflective Pavement Marking Demonstration Project
Oct 2008 Road Safety Audit for Union County IA 25 from the WCL of Creston to North H-24 Intersection
Dec 2008 Effectiveness of Dynamic Messaging on Driver Behavior for Late Merge Lane Road Closures
Apr 2010 Instrumentation and Monitoring of Precast Bridge Approach Tied to an Integral Abutment in Bremer County
Jun 2009 Effectiveness of Special Deer Management Hunts on Deer-Vehicle Crash Reduction
Jun 2009 Electronic Construction Collaboration - Phase 1
Jan 2014 Field Monitoring of Curved Girder Bridges with Integral Abutments
Jun 2009 Evaluation for Effective Shielding of Bridge Piers
May 2012 Concrete Overlay Field Application Program
Dec 2010 Stabilization Procedures to Mitigate Edge Rutting for Granular Shoulders - Phase II
May 2011 Stabilization Procedures to Mitigate Edge Rutting for Granular Shoulders, Phase II (TR-591)
Feb 2009 Crack Development in Ternary Mix Concrete Utilizing Various Saw Depths (TR-587)
Feb 2010 Ethanol Plant By-Product Uses for Pavement GEO-Materials Stabilization, TR-582
Jun 2008 Access and Corridor Management Support Program for Iowa, Phase I
May 2011 Development of LRFD Design Procedures for Bridge Piles in Iowa-Volume II: Field Testing of Steel Piles in Clay, Sand, and Mixed Soils and Analysis
Jan 2012 Development of LRFD Procedures for Bridge Pile Foundations in Iowa--Volume III: Recommended Resistance Factors with Consideration of Construction Control and Setup
Mar 2010 Establishing a Dynamic Formula for Pile Design and Construction Control of Pile Driving
Jun 2009 Pavement Markings and Safety
Jul 2008 Road Safety Audit Report for US 61 from the ECL of Muscatine to the WCL of Davenport
Jul 2008 Road Safety Audit for US 52 from IA 136 to the NCL of Dubuque
Dec 2010 Safety Analysis of Low Volume Rural Roads in Iowa
Sep 2011 Evaluation of Rumble Stripes on Low-Volume Rural Roads in Iowa
Nov 2011 Evaluation of Rumble Stripes on Low-Volume Rural Roads in Iowa--Phase II
Dec 2008 Interstate System 4R Plan: An Asset Management Approach
Oct 2008 Planning, Implementation, and Operation of the Iowa Pavement Management Program, Phase 13
Sep 2011 Evaluation of Electronic Speed Limit Signs for Unified Consolidated School on US 30, Eastbound and Westbound
Dec 2012 Evaluation of Dynamic Speed Feedback Signs on Curves: A National Demonstration Project
Jan 2009 Synthesis of Traffic Calming Techniques in Work Zones
Jun 2009 Investigation into Freezing-Thawing Durability of Low Permeability Concrete with and without Air Entraining Agent
Oct 2008 National Winter Maintenance Peer Exchange
Jun 2010 Development of LRFD Design Procedures for Bridge Piles in Iowa-Volume I: An Electronic Database for PIle LOad Tests (PILOT)
May 2012 Development of LRFD Procedures for Bridge Piles in Iowa - Volume IV: Design Guide and Track Examples
Dec 2013 Effectiveness of Safety Corridor Programs
Jun 2008 Feasibility of Visualization and Simulation Applications to Improve Work Zone Safety and Mobility
Nov 2008 Improving Safety for Slow Moving Vehicles on Iowa's High Speed Rural Roadways
Dec 2011 Managing Decisions Regarding Rural Expressway Routes and Associated Bypasses
Nov 2010 Design, Construction, and Field Testing of an Ultra-High Performance Concrete Pi-Girder Bridge
Apr 2009 Spatial Scale of Clustering of Motor Vehicle Crash Types and Appropriate Countermeasures
Nov 2008 Achieving Efficiency in Meeting Safety, Operations, Maintenance, and Air Quality Goals
Oct 2010 Iowa Pavement Marking and Sign Management System
Jun 2010 Evaluation of the 24th Street Bridge, Interstate 80/29, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Oct 2010 Identification of Practices, Design, Construction, and Repair Using Trenchless Technology
Jul 2011 Management of Rural Expressways for Improved Safety and Operational Performance
Jul 2008 Performance Evaluation of Concrete Pavement Granular Subbase: Pavement Surface Condition Evaluation (TR-554)
Dec 2012 Implementation of Concrete Pavement Preservation and PCC Surface Characteristics: Tire Pavement Noise Program
Jan 2012 Modified Sheet Pile Abutments for Low Volume Bridges (TR-568)
Jul 2008 Non-Destructive Evaluation of Iowa Pavements Phase 2: Development of a Fully Automated Software System for Rapid Analysis/Processing of the Falling Weight Deflectometer Data
Dec 2008 Self-Consolidating Concrete--Applications for Slip Form Paving, Phase 2
May 2009 Utility Cut Repair Techniques to Reduce Settlement in Repaired Areas, Phase 2 (TR-566)
Oct 2007 Development of a Device for Analysis of Portland Cement Concrete and Composite Pavements: Phase 1 Feasibility Study
Oct 2007 Improving Transportation for Large Scale Events Within the State of Iowa
Dec 2010 Evaluation of a Bridge Constructed with Ultra High Performance Concrete
Dec 2007 Short-Term Monitoring of the Saylorville Reservoir Bridge for Wind-Induced Vibrations with Remote, Cellular-Based Notifications
Jul 2007 Implementation and Operation of the Iowa DOT Pavement Management Optimization Model
Dec 2007 The Effectiveness of Iowa's Automated Red Light Running Enforcement Programs (RLR, Phase 2)
Jan 2012 Utilization of Remote Traffic Monitoring Devices for Urban Freeway Work Zone Assessment
Dec 2010 Investigation of Improved Utility Cut Repair Techniques Phase II
Nov 2008 Clear Zone - A Synthesis of Practice and an Evaluation of the Benefits of Meeting the 10 ft Clear Zone Goal on Urban Streets
Dec 2007 Developing an Effective Construction Training Program for Hispanic Supervisors and Craft Workers, Phase 4
Nov 2008 Use of Ultra-High Performance Concrete in Geotechnical and Substructure Applications (TR-558)
Aug 2008 Characterization of Unbound Materials (Soils/Aggregates) for Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide
Aug 2006 Crash Record Validation Study
Apr 2007 Existing Pavement Input Information for the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide
May 2008 Feasibility Investigation of Segmentally Precast Bridge Piers for Accelerated Construction
Jan 2009 Laboratory and Field Testing and Evaluation of Precast Bridge Elements
Dec 2007 Updated Rule on Safety and Mobility
Apr 2007 Validation of Pavement Performance Models for the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide
Apr 2010 Testing and Long-Term Monitoring of 9th Street Bridge Over I-235 in Des Moines: Integral Abutments Supported on Steel Pile/Concrete Drilled Shaft in Glacial Clay
Dec 2006 Aurora--RWIS Telecommunications Issues and Options
Sep 2007 Modern Roundabout Guidance for the Iowa DOT
May 2006 Enhancements to the Iowa DOT Crash Mapping Analysis Tool (CMAT) Software
Jan 2009 Evaluation of 70 mph Speed Limit
Apr 2008 Evaluation of Lignin Derived from Agricultural Co-products as an Antioxidant in Asphalt (TR-577)
Nov 2006 Iowa DOT ITS Operations Manual
May 2008 Development of a High Speed Rigid Pavement Analyzer - Phase I Feasibility and Need Study
Jan 2007 Evaluation of Virtual Reality Snowplow Simulator Training
Jun 2010 Local Agency Pavement Marking Plan
Jun 2007 Material Thermal Input for Iowa Materials for the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide
Oct 2006 Performance Evaluation of Rubblized Pavements in Iowa
Dec 2006 PONTIS Implementation and Operation, Phase 5
May 2014 Development of Performance Properties of Ternary Mixtures, Phase 4, Development of Ternary Concrete Mixtures Manual of Practice
Nov 2007 Effectiveness of Paved Shoulders in Iowa
May 2007 Roadway Design Standards for Rural and Suburban Subdivisions (TR-549)
May 2007 Investigation of Electromagnetic Gauges for Determination of In-Place Density of HMA Pavements (TR-547)
Mar 2008 Developing a Rural and Urban Roadway Lighting Practical Design Guide for Iowa
Nov 2006 Using Digital Video Analysis to Monitor Driver Behavior at Intersections
Jan 2006 Synthesis of Procedures to Forecast and Monitor Work Zone Safety and Mobility Impacts
Oct 2010 Investigation of the Impacts of Rural Development on Iowa's Secondary Road Systems
Dec 2005 Access Management at Major Intersections
Aug 2006 Best Practices and Recommended Strategies for Shared Left Turn Lanes at Signal Control Approaches
Jun 2006 Using Scanning Lasers for Real-Time Pavement Thickness Measurement, Phase I (TR-538)
Jul 2008 Planning, Developing, and Implementation of the Iowa Pavement Marking Management Program III
Jun 2005 Review of Stability Berm Alternatives for Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Sep 2008 Deicer Scaling Resistance of Concrete Pavements, Bridge Decks, and Other Structures Containing Slag Cement: Phase 1: Site Selection and Analysis of Field Cores
Apr 2007 Development of an Improved integral Abutment-to-Approach Slab Connection
Jun 2007 Effective Shoulder Design and Maintenance (TR-531)
Feb 2006 Evaluation of Transverse Joint Forming Methods in PCC Pavement (TR-532)
Oct 2008 Construction and Evaluation of a Prestressed Concrete Bridge Constructed Using Ultra High-Performance Concrete
May 2006 Developing an Effective Construction Training Program for Hispanic Supervisors and Craft Workers, Phase 3
Apr 2007 Development of a New Process for Determining Design Year Traffic Demands (TR-528)
Jun 2005 Four-Lane to Three-Lane Analysis
Dec 2005 PONTIS, Phase 4
Aug 2005 Safety Effectiveness of High-Speed Expressway Signals
Dec 2005 Smart Work Zone Deployment Initiative
Nov 2006 Smart Wetlands Mitigation for Iowa Department of Transportation Projects
Nov 2005 Self-Consolidating Concrete: Applications for Slip Form Paving, Phase 1
Jul 2005 Integration of Road Weather Information with Traffic Data
Jun 2005 Iowa Pavement Management Program, Phase X
Jul 2005 Applications for Reuse of Lime Sludge from Water Softening (TR-535)
Aug 2008 Implementation of HERS-ST in Iowa and Development /Refinement of a National Training Program
Dec 2005 Monitoring Wind-Induced Vibrations/Stresses in a High Mast Lighting Tower
Oct 2005 School Zone Safety Handbook
Nov 2006 Nondestructive Evaluation of Iowa Pavements, Phase 1
Jun 2006 Manual of Practice for Roadway Maintenance Workers (TR-514)
May 2008 Measurements of Seasonal Changes and Spatial Variation in Pavement Subgrade Support Properties: A Link to Pavement Performance (TR-516)
Dec 2004 Automated Pavement Condition Data: Analysis, Feasibility and Data Integration
Mar 2006 Field Evaluation of Compaction Monitoring Technology: Phase 2
Dec 2004 Crash Mapping Analysis Tool (CMAT)
May 2005 Developing an Effective Construction Training Program for American Supervisors and Hispanic Craft Workers, Phase 2
Apr 2004 Software Enhancements for the Crash Mapping and Analysis Tool
Dec 2011 Traffic Safety Analysis for Local Agencies
Dec 2003 Coordination of Transit and School Busing in Iowa
Sep 2005 Design and Construction Procedures for Concrete Overlay and Widening of Existing Pavements (TR-511, Proj. 6)
Mar 2005 Determination and Evaluation of Alternate Methods for Managing and Controlling Highway-Related Dust, Phase II - Demonstration Project
Dec 2007 Management Support of the AURORA Program
Mar 2004 Planning, Developing and Implementation of the Iowa Pavement Markings Management Program
Mar 2004 Rural Expressway Intersection Synthesis of Practice and Crash Analysis
Aug 2008 Evaluation of FRP Temporary Bypass Bridge
Mar 2004 Incident Location Tool Support for Florida State University
Dec 2003 Evaluation of Racial Differences in Seat Belt and Child Restraint Use: A Review of Current Literature
Dec 2004 Incident Location Tool Support for South Dakota DOT
Aug 2004 Impact of Left-Turn Phasing on Older and Younger Drivers at High-Speed Signalized Intersections
May 2005 A Web-Based Implementation of Winter Maintenance Decision Support System (WMDSS) Using GIS and Remote Sensing
Sep 2004 Access Management Plan for Des Moines MPO
Sep 2004 Development of New Strategies for Locating Safety Improvements Candidate Locations
Jun 2004 Implementation of Iowa DOT Pavement Management Optimization Model, 2004
Dec 2005 Investigation of Improved Utility Cut Repair Techniques to Reduce Settlement in Repaired Areas (TR-503)
Jun 2005 Predicting Critical VMA in Hot Mix Asphalt, Phase II
May 2005 Synthesis of Non-Destructive Testing Technologies for Geomaterial Applications
May 2004 Traffic Monitoring Program Plannning with Remote Sensing, Phase II
Aug 2007 Field Testing of Railroad Flatcar Bridges (TR-498)
May 2004 Planning, Implementation and Operation of the IPMP, Phase IX
May 2006 Development of a Performance Measures-based Planning System (State Transportation Plan Update Assistance)
Feb 2004 Field Evaluation of Compaction Monitoring Technology, Phase 1 (TR-495)
Dec 2003 Roadway Alignments as Assets: Evaluating Alternatives for Valuing Major Highway Corridor Rights of Way
Dec 2005 County Non-FAE Paved Road Condition: Data Collection, Summary, and Delivery, Phase I 2003-2005
Feb 2005 Incident Mapping and Analysis Tool (IMAT)
Dec 2005 Innovative Solutions for Slope Stability Reinforcement and Characterization in Iowa Soils (TR-489)
Jul 2003 Incident Location Tool Support for Delaware State Police
Dec 2007 Material and Construction Optimization for Prevention of Premature Pavement Distress in PCC Pavements, Phases I and II
Dec 2003 Developing an Effective Construction Training Program for Hispanic Supervisors and Craft Workers, Phase 1
Aug 2003 Deploying the Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) in Iowa
Aug 2003 Corridor Management Pilot Project, Phase I
May 2006 Evaluation of a Bridge Constructed Using High-Peformance Steel
Nov 2003 Evaluation of Weather Forecasting Services for the Iowa Department of Transportation
Aug 2005 Evaluation of a Steel Girder Bridge Strengthened Using Fiber Reinforced Polymer Plates
Sep 2008 PONTIS, Implementation and Operation: Iowa DOT and Counties, Phase III: Implementation and Operation
Oct 2002 Vendor Weather Forecast
Jan 2003 Angle Parking on Iowa's Low Volume Primary Extensions in Small Towns
Dec 2002 Pedestrian Crossing Safety Technology Assessment
Jun 2003 Highway Maintenance Concept Vehicle: A Business Case for Winter Maintenance Technology Applications
May 2003 Planning, Implementation and Operation of the IPMP, Phase VIII
Jul 2002 Iowa DOT Linear Referencing System: Preliminary Linear Data Creation
Apr 2003 Implementation of Iowa DOT Pavement Management Optimization Model, 2002
Dec 2002 Improving Efficiency of Transportation Projects Using Laser Scanning
May 2004 Traffic Monitoring Program Planning with Remote Sensing
Sep 2002 Plan for the Mississippi River Trail in Iowa
May 2006 Evaluation of Corrosion Resistant Steel Reinforcing in the Deck Slab of a Three Span Prestressed Girder Bridge
Dec 2002 Road Equipment Procurement and Utilization Study
Oct 2003 Evaluation of a Post-tension Strengthened Steel Girder Bridge Using FRP Rods/Strands
Dec 2003 Monitoring and Evaluation of the Westbound Roadway of the Iowa River Bridge
Jun 2002 In Situ Detection Methods for Materials-Related Distress in Concrete Pavements, Phase I (Proj. 1)
Dec 2002 3R Safety Course and Handbook
Oct 2002 Integration of Existing and Identification of Future Data Sources for Improved Intersection Safety Analysis
Sep 2004 PONTIS Implementation and Operation, Phase II: Implementation
Sep 2002 Development of an Advanced Traveler Information: Weatherview, Phase II: Enhancements; Phase III: Support
Jul 2003 Application of Advanced Remote Sensing Technology to Asset Management
Jun 2002 Development of a GIS-based Crash Location Tool - FY02 Location Tool Implementation and Agency Support
Apr 2005 Fly Ash Soil Stabilization for Non-Uniform Subgrade Soils (TR-461)
Jun 2004 Statewide Urban Standard Design & Specifications
May 2002 Iowa Flagger Handbook and Training Video
Dec 2004 Iowa Transit ITS Needs Analysis
May 2002 Comparison of LIDAR and Photogrammetry for Highway Planning and Design
Jun 2002 Implementation of Iowa DOT Pavement Management Optimization Model, 2001
Dec 2001 Iowa Tribal Consultation Process: State of Iowa Tribal Summit and Field Workshop
Jun 2002 Planning, Implementation and Operation of the IPMP, Phase VII
Mar 2002 Process to Identify High Priority Corridors for Access Management Near Large Urban Areas in Iowa
Mar 2002 Handbook of Simplified Practice for Traffic Studies (TR-455)
May 2002 Highway Maintenance Concept Vehicle, Phase IV
Jun 2001 Durable, Cost Effective Pavement Marking Materials, Phase I (TR-454)
Dec 2001 Low Water Stream Crossings in Iowa (TR-453)
Jun 2001 The Development of a GIS-Based Crash Location Tool Location Tool Implementation and Local Agency Support
Dec 2002 Temporary Speed Hump Impact Evaluation
May 2002 Evaluation of the Iowa DOT's Safety Improvement Candidate List Process
Dec 2001 PONTIS Implementation and Operation: Iowa DOT and Counties
May 2001 Addressing Integration Issues and Developing a Protocol for Integration of Global Positioning Systems Data With Linear Referenced Data in an Asset Management System
Jun 2001 Paved Shoulders on Primary Highways in Iowa: An Analysis of Shoulder Surfacing Criteria, Costs, and Benefits
Jun 2001 Remote Sensing to Support Linear Referencing Systems
Dec 2000 The Development of a GIS-Based Crash Location Tool, Phase V: GIS Incident Location Tool Implementation and Local Agency Support
Jun 2001 Use of Remotely Sensed Data for Infrastructure Management, Access Management, and Inventory
Jun 2001 GPS to LRM: Integration of Spatial Point Features with Linear Referencing Methods
May 2002 Technology Transfer of As-Built and Preliminary Surveys by Total Station GPS, Video Logging, and Laser Scanning (TR-446)
Dec 2000 Traffic Signal Inventory Project
Aug 2002 Development of Bridge Load Testing for Load Evaluation (TR-445)
Dec 2002 Iowa DOT Internet-Based Road Work Report
Dec 2001 Automated Bridge De-icing Pilot Project
Mar 2002 Embankment Quality, Phase 3 (TR-401)
Jun 2001 Systematic Identification of High Crash Locations
Nov 2000 Effectiveness of Roadway Safety Improvements
Jun 2002 Evaluation of Rammed Aggregate Piers for Highway Applications in Iowa Soils (TR-443)
Apr 2001 Implementation of Iowa DOT Pavement Management Optimization Model, 2000
Dec 2000 Planning, Implementation, and Operation of the IPMP, Phase VI: Proposal to develop the Implementation and Operation of the IPMP
Jun 2005 Development of Internet-based RWIS (Road Weather Information System) AWOS (Airport Weather Observation System) Information Delivery Tools (AKA Weatherview)
Apr 2001 Iowa Guide and Reference Manual for Traffic Control Devices and Pavement Markings
Dec 1999 Commercial Vehicle Parking
May 2007 An Integral Abutment Bridge with Precast Concrete Piles (TR-438)
Jun 2000 Evaluation of Automated Enforcement of Traffic Signal Violations in Iowa
Dec 1999 Response of Iowa Pavements to Heavy Agricultural Loads (HR-1075)
Aug 2002 Retrofit Methods of Distortion Cracking Problems in Plate Girder Bridges (TR-436)
Jan 2003 Thin Maintenance Surfaces, Phase 2 with Guidelines for Winter Maintenance on Thin Maintenance Surfaces (TR-435)
Jun 2001 Guidelines for the Conversion of 4-lane Undivided Roadways to 3-lane 2-way Left-turn Lane Facilities
Jun 2000 GIS/TRANPLAN Enhancement Project
May 2000 Local Agency Pavement Management System
Feb 2000 Evaluation of Work Zone Speed Reduction Measures
Oct 2000 HWYNEEDS: Methodology, Analysis and Evaluation (TR-433)
Dec 2000 Traffic Safety & Engineering Informational Series
Dec 1999 GIS Support for the Iowa Department of Transportation (1999)
Feb 2001 Highway Maintenance Concept Vehicle, Phase III
Dec 1999 Development of a GIS-based Crash location tool: Intelligent Crash Location Tool, Phase III
Dec 1999 Implementation of Iowa DOT Pavement Management Optimization Model, 1999
Dec 1999 Planning, Implementation, and Operation of the Iowa DOT Pavement Management Program, Phase V: Proposal to Develop the Implementation and Operation of the IPMP
Apr 2004 Steel Diaphragms in Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges (TR-424)
Dec 1999 The Development of a GIS-Based Crash Location Tool, Phase II
Feb 2000 Field Demonstration Project: Reclaimed Fly Ash as Select Fill Under P.C.C. Pavements (TR-425)
May 2000 Mobility and Safety Impacts of Winter Storm Events in a Freeway Environment
Jun 2001 Access Management Research and Awareness Program Phase IV
Aug 2000 Transportation and Land Use Awareness Program
Sep 2000 Impact of Deck Cracking, Phase II (TR-405)
Jul 2005 Incident Location Tool (ILT)
Aug 1999 A Commemorative History of the Iowa Highway Research Board (TR-423)
Oct 1998 Simulation and Analysis of Arterial Traffic Operations Along the US 61 Corridor in Burlington, Iowa
Jan 2000 Embankment Quality, Phase 2 (TR-401)
Jun 2005 Traffic Data Collection and Reduction Using Video Detection Equipment
Aug 1998 Multimodal Investment Analysis Methodology, Phase II
Oct 1998 Feasibility of Using Automated Distress Data in the County Need Study (TR-418)
Dec 1998 Geographic Information System (GIS) Database Development, Integration, and Maintenance for the Iowa Department of Transportation Maintenance Division
Aug 2000 A Laboratory Investigation into the Effects of Aggregate-Related Factors of Critical VMA in Asphalt Paving Mixtures (TR-415)
Nov 2000 Development of Materials Training Course for Technicians (TR-416)
May 1998 Access Management Awareness Program: Phase III
Mar 1998 Evaluation of Information Technology to Support Distance Sharing and Learning
Dec 1998 Coordination of Data Elements to support ISTEA Management Systems, Phase II, Statewide Implementation
Sep 1999 Work Zone Simulation Model
Jun 2003 Demonstration and Field Evaluation of Alternative Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Reinforcement Materials (HR-1069)
Feb 1999 Thin Maintenance Surfaces (Amendment 14)
Aug 2002 Traffic Control Strategies in Work Zones with Edge Drop-Offs
Nov 2000 Determine Initial Cause for Current Premature PCC Pavement Deterioration (TR-406)
Apr 1998 Embankment Quality: Phase I and Phase II
Aug 1998 GIS Traffic Planning Tools
Jul 1998 Traffic Management Strategies for Merge Areas in Construction Detours (Addendum 12)
Apr 1998 Comprehensive Quality Incentive Program for Portland Cement Concrete Paving (TR-403)
Apr 1998 Impact of Deck Cracking on Durability, Phase I (TR-405)
Dec 1997 Access Management Awareness Program Work Plan for Phase II (Amendment 1) (TR-402)
Jun 2005 Field Testing of Integral Abutments (HR-399)
Dec 1997 Development of GIS Accident Location and Analysis Systems (GIS-ALAS), Phase I
Jun 2001 Geographic Information System-Based Accident Location and Analysis System (GIS-ALAS)
Jun 1998 Improved Employment Data For Transportation Planning
Aug 1998 Multimodal Investment Analysis Methodology, Phase I
Feb 1997 Support for High Accuracy Referencing Network
Jul 1997 Iowa Access Management Awareness
Jun 1997 Intersection Collision Diagram Software
Jun 1997 Coordination of Data Elements from the ISTEA Management Systems: Phase I
Apr 1996 Review and Update Accident Loss Reduction Factors
Jun 2000 Weigh-in-Motion Project and Handbook
May 1996 Congestion Management System Development Support (an ISTEA management task)
May 1996 Intermodal System Support Scope of Work and Tasks (an ISTEA management task)
Sep 1997 Des Moines ITS Early Deployment
Jul 1997 Guidelines for County Engineering Decisions (TR-369)
Jun 1998 Highway Maintenance Concept Vehicle, Phase I
May 1998 Midwest Multi-state One-Stop Electronic Purchase of Motor Carrier Credentials
Dec 1998 Statewide Transportation Planning Model and Methodology Development Program
Jun 1996 Development of Applications for Interactive Transportation Planning GIS
Mar 1996 Linking Real Time and Location in Scheduling Demand-Responsive Transit
Jun 1995 Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO). Interstate Cooperation for Implementation of ITS-CVO Functions; Institutional Opportunities and Barriers
Jun 1998 Upper Mississippi River/Illinois Waterway Navigation Study
Dec 1998 Planning, Implementation, and Operation of a Statewide Pavement Management System, Phase IV
Jun 1996 On-Board Automated Mileage and Stateline Crossing System for Apportioning Commerical Vehicle Fuel Taxes and Mileage and Automatic Submission to IFTA and IRP Base Jurisdiction
Sep 1996 Interstate Cooperation for Implementation of ITS/CVO Functions: Institutional Opportunities and Barriers
May 1995 Recruiting and Retaining Women and Minorities in Public Sector Engineering Positions
Sep 1995 Strategies for Fostering Modal Competition in the Midwest
Nov 1994 Transportation Project Development Process Management System; and Amendment, "Analysis of Contractor Submitted CPM Schedules.
Sep 1994 High-Speed Computing to Facilitate Real Time Analysis of Transportation Planning Alternatives
Dec 1999 Implementation of GIS at the Iowa Department of Transportation
Dec 1996 Evaluation of I-80 Aluminum Girder Bridge
Mar 1995 Accident Location Analysis System (ALAS) NODE Map
Mar 1994 Improved Methodology for Considering Safety in Road Investment Decision
Nov 1993 Interacting Vehicles and Roadways with Elderly Drivers on Missouri Highways
Dec 1994 Spatial Data Systems for Transportation Planning
Aug 1993 Assessment of an Integrated Approach to Automated Collections of Safety and Accident Data, Phase I: Conceptual Development and Eval
Jan 1994 Impacts on Safety of Left-Turn Treatment at High Speed Signalized Intersections (HR-347)
May 1995 Growth Management Strategies to Reduce Transportation Capital Costs In and Near Midwestern Urban Areas
Sep 1993 Transportation of Rural Elders and Access to Health Care
Mar 1994 Winter Transportation Problems: Identifying Strategies to Improve Safety and Reduce Economic Burdens
Jun 1994 Value of County Engineers and Their Counterparts: Strategies to Expand the Shrinking Employment Pool
Sep 1994 Economic, Operating, and Infrastructure Impacts of Concentrated Truck Transport Service and Designated Commercial Highway Networks
Dec 1992 The Economic Impact of Rural Highway Bypasses: Iowa and Minnesota Case Studies
Apr 1993 Efficient Distribution of Grain to Meet the Quality Needs of End-Users
May 1996 AMASCOT: Automated Mileage and Stateline Crossing Operational Test
Oct 1994 Assessing the Independence, Mobility and Safety of Older Drivers
Nov 1990 Changing Role of Freight Transportation Modes and Intermodal Freight
Jun 1997 Collision Diagram Software Evaluation
Nov 1990 Computer-Aided Decision Support for Making Locational Decisions
Concrete Pavement Tech Notes
Concrete Pavement Workforce References
Jan 1990 Dynamic Simulation Methods for Evaluating Motor Vehicle and Roadway Design and Resolving Policy Issues
Jul 1991 Dynamic Simulation Methods for Evaluating Vehicle Configuration and Roadway Design
Aug 1992 Economic Regulation of Intrastate Trucking: An In-Depth Examination of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska
Aug 1999 Electronic Reference Library, Phase 1
Jul 1993 Employment and Commuting by Rural Women on the Metropolitan Periphery
Aug 1991 Essential Parameters for an Iowa Bridge Management System
Jun 1994 Estimating Pavement Damage from Longer and Heavier Combination Vehicles
Sep 2007 Evaluation of Iowa's Graduated Driver's Licensing Program
Sep 1994 Field Data Acquisition Technologies for Iowa Transportation Agencies (HR-366)
Dec 1998 GIS 1996-1998
Jan 1997 Greenhouse Gas Action Plan for the Transportation Sector in Iowa
Jun 2008 Impact of Some Site-Specific Characteristics on the Success of the Signalization of High-Speed Intersections
Jun 1995 Improving Interbus Transfer with Automatic Vehicle Location
Feb 1992 Institutional Barriers and Opportunities for IVHS in Commercial Vehicle Operations: An Iowa Case Study
Iowa Statewide Intelligent Transportation Plan
Oct 1990 Need for Transportation Alternatives for the Rural Elderly
Jan 1997 Planning for Parking
Nov 1994 Policy Issues of an Iowa Longer Combination Vehicle Network
Jun 1998 Preventing Cracking at Diaphragm/Plate Girder Connections in Steel Bridges (TR-393)
Jun 1992 Public Sector Participation in Local Rail Service Projects with an Economic Development focus
Jun 1994 Safety and Highway Investment
Jul 1994 Safety Impact of the Increased 65 MPH Speed Limit on Iowa Rural Interstates
Statewide, Non-NHS Federal Aid Eligible System, Pavement Management Program, Phases I-III
Jul 1999 Traffic Management Strategies for Merge Areas in Rural Interstate Work Zones
Apr 1993 Transportation and Iowa's Economic Future
Dec 1997 Validation of Relationship of Cognitive Skills Losses to Driving Performance