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In Progress

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Apr 2021 Implementation of the Negative Moment Reinforcing Detail Recommendations
Apr 2020 Self-Heating Electrically Conductive Concrete Demonstration Project
Jun 2019 Low Cost Rural Surface Alternatives Phase III: Demonstration Project and Phase IV: Frost Depth Monitoring and Prediction
Sep 2018 Development of Bio-Based Polymers for Use in Asphalt - Phase II
Feb 2018 Enhancing the Fundamental Knowledge and Use of Asphalt Emulsions Using Systematic Scientific and Engineering Approaches
Feb 2018 Hybrid Concrete for Advancing Pavement Performance
Feb 2018 Initial Characterization of Geopolymer Based UHPC Material Properties
Aug 2018 Beam End Repair for Prestressed Concrete Beams
Dec 2017 Construction of New Substructure Beneath Existing Bridges
Aug 2018 Evaluation of Alternative Abutment Piling for Low Volume Road Bridges
Jan 2018 Guide to Lifecycle Data and Information Sharing Workflow for Transportation Assets
Dec 2018 Evaluate, Modify, and Adapt the ConcreteWorks Software for Iowa's Use
Aug 2018 Investigation of Exterior Girder Rotation and the Effect of Skew during Deck Placement
Dec 2018 Partially Grouted Revetment for Low-Volume Road Bridges
May 2019 Evaluation of Performance of a Short-Span T-Beam Bridge in Buchanan County
Oct 2018 Performance Based Evaluation of Cost Effective Aggregate Options for Granular Roadways
Dec 2018 Evaluation of the Use of Link Slabs in Bridge Projects
Sep 2017 Stream and Watershed Delineations using LiDAR Data
Jun 2018 Cost-Competitive Timber Bridge Designs for Long-Term Performance
Dec 2017 Investigation into Shrinkage of High Performance Concrete Used for Iowa Bridge Decks and Overlays - Phase II Shrinkage Control and Field Investigation
May 2018 Development of Quality Standards for Inclusion of High Recycled Asphalt Pavement Content in Asphalt Mixtures-Phase III
Jul 2017 Cost-Effective Field Test Methods for LRFD Resistance Factors of Drilled Shafts
Dec 2016 Effect of Wind-Induced Unsteady Vortex Shedding, Diurnal Temperature Changes, and Transit Conditions on Truss Structures Supporting Large Highway Signs
Nov 2018 Laboratory and Field Evaluation of an Alternative UHPC Mix and an Associated UHPC Bridge
Mar 2018 Laboratory and Field Evaluation of a Composite Glue-Laminated Girder to Deck Connection
Sep 2017 Design and Performance Verification of a Bridge Column/Footing/Pile System for Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)
Aug 2018 Autonomous Sensing Skin for Detection and Localization of Fatigue Cracks
Dec 2017 Biofuel Co-Product Uses for Pavement Geo-Materials Stabilization: Extensive Lab Characterization and Field Demonstration
Sep 2013 Pilot Construction Project for Granular Shoulder Stabilization
Feb 2018 Connection Details and Field Implementation of UHPC Piles - Phase II
Apr 2004 Economics of Using Calcium Chloride vs Sodium Chloride for Deicing/Anti-icing (TR-488)


Project end date More information
Apr 2018 Estimating Energy Efficiency of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in a Mixed Fleet
Jun 2018 Evaluation of the Mechanical and Environmental Performance of Biofuel Co-Product-Stabilized Unpaved Roads
Jun 2018 Prevention of Longitudinal Cracking in Iowa Widened Concrete Pavement
Apr 2019 Concrete Overlay Performance on Iowa's Roadways
Dec 2016 Prevention and Restoration of Early Joint Deterioration
Oct 2016 Development of an Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective Biogrout for Concrete Crack Repair
Apr 2018 Evaluation of Rural Intersection Treatments
Feb 2018 Installation Guidance for Centerline and Edgeline Rumble Strips in Narrow Pavements
May 2016 Temporary Traffic Control Handbook for Local Agencies
Nov 2016 Guidance on Traffic Sign Effectiveness, Installation, and Removal
Feb 2018 Feasibility of Granular Road and Shoulder Recycling
Jun 2017 Context-Sensitive Designs: Testing of Multi-Performance Level Box Beam Standards
Sep 2016 Economic Impact of Multi-Span, Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges Designed as Simple Span versus Continuous Span
Sep 2016 Historical Performance Evaluation of Iowa Pavement Treatments Using Data Analytics
Jun 2016 Upgrading Bridge Rails on Low-Volume Roads in Iowa
Mar 2016 Embankment Quality and Assessment of Moisture Control Implementation
Oct 2015 Comparison of Setting Time Measured Using Ultrasonic Wave Propagation with Saw-Cutting Times on Pavements
Apr 2018 Evaluation of Otta Seal Surfacing for Low Volume Roads in Iowa
Dec 2017 Impacts of Internally Cured Concrete Paving on Contraction Joint Spacing
Mar 2018 Performance Monitoring of Boone County Expo Pavement Sections, (Continuation - Phase III)
Jul 2016 Validation of Gyratory Mix Design in Iowa
Jul 2016 Impact of Curling and Warping on Concrete Pavement
Dec 2014 Investigation of Field Corrosion Performance and Bond/Development Length of Galvanized Reinforcing Steel
Jun 2015 Low-Cost Rural Surface Alternatives: Demonstration Project
Aug 2015 Evaluating Roadway Subsurface Drainage Practices - Phase II
May 2014 Development of HMA Dynamic Modulus Master Curve Using FWD Data
Mar 2015 Development of Quality Standards for Inclusion of High Recycled Asphalt Pavement Content in Asphalt Mixtures - Phase II
Sep 2015 Evaluation of the Need for Longitudinal Median Joints in Bridge Decks on Dual Structures
Sep 2015 Investigation of Negative Moment Reinforcing in Bridge Decks
Mar 2015 Assessment of Non-Destructive Testing Technologies for Quality Control/Quality Assurance Testing of Asphalt Mixtures
Apr 2018 Durable Pavement Marking and Grooving
Nov 2015 Iowa Pavement Asset Management Decision-Making Framework
Aug 2016 Development of a Wireless MEMS Multifunction Sensor System and Field Demonstration of Embedded Sensors for Monitoring Concrete Pavements
Nov 2015 Development of Non-Petroleum-Based Binders for Use in Flexible Pavements - Phase II
Jun 2016 Evaluation and Testing of a Lightweight Fine Aggregate Concrete Bridge Deck in Buchanan County, Iowa
Nov 2014 Methods for Removing Concrete Decks from Bridge Girders
May 2013 Evaluating Roadway Subsurface Drainage Practices
Apr 2013 Development of Bio-Based Polymers for Use in Asphalt
Dec 2014 Optimizing Pavement Base, Subbase and Subgrade Layers for Cost and Performance on Local Roads
Oct 2015 Reflective Crack Mitigation Guide for Flexible Pavements
Apr 2012 Risk Mitigation Strategies for Operations and Maintenance Activities
Sep 2013 Western Iowa Missouri River Flooding - Geo-Infrastructure Damage Assessment, Repair, and Mitigation Strategies
Oct 2013 Bridge Damage Detection: Integration of Structural Health Monitoring System Concepts and Components - A Statewide Collaboration
Sep 2013 Shrinkage of High-Performance Concrete Used for Iowa Bridge Decks and Overlays
Dec 2011 Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil for Low Volume Bridge Abutments
Aug 2013 Warm Mix Asphalt Phase II: Evaluation of WMA Quality Assurance Testing Protocols
Dec 2013 Low-Cost Rural Surface Alternatives
Feb 2015 GIS Automation of LiDAR DEM Cutting for Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling
Apr 2013 Evaluation and Guidance on Effective Traffic Calming for Small Communities
Sep 2015 Improving the Accuracy of Camber Predictions for Precast Prestensioned Concrete Beams
Apr 2013 Quality Control/Quality Assurance Testing for Joint Density and Segregation of Asphalt Mixtures
Sep 2012 Timber Abutment Piling and Back Wall Rehabilitation and Repair
Sep 2017 Study of the Impacts of Implements of Husbandry on Iowa Bridges
Jun 2014 Structural Characterization of UHPC Waffle Bridge Deck and Connections
Apr 2013 Wind Loads on Dynamic Message Cabinets and Behavior of Supporting Trusses
Aug 2011 Public Employees Leadership Institute
Aug 2010 Investigation of Warm-Mix Asphalt Using Iowa Aggregates
Dec 2010 Roadway Lighting and Safety: Phase II-Monitoring Quality, Durability, and Efficiency
Feb 2011 Development of Updated Specifications for Roadway Rehabilitation Techniques
Dec 2011 Evaluation of the Buena Vista IBRD Bridge: A Furthering of Accelerated Bridge Construction in Iowa
Dec 2011 Field Testing and Evaluation of a Demonstration Timber Bridge
Sep 2010 Improving Concrete Overlay Construction (TR-600)
Mar 2011 Low-Cost Strategies to Reduce Speed and Crashes on Curves
Jan 2010 Infrastructure Impacts of Iowa's Changing Economy (TR-593)
Jul 2009 Bridge Rails and Approach Railing for Low-Volume Roads in Iowa (TR-592)
Jul 2009 Development of Non-Petroleum Based Binders for Use in Flexible Pavements (TR-594)
Jul 2011 Wet Reflective Pavement Marking Demonstration Project
May 2012 Concrete Overlay Field Application Program
Dec 2010 Stabilization Procedures to Mitigate Edge Rutting for Granular Shoulders - Phase II
Feb 2009 Crack Development in Ternary Mix Concrete Utilizing Various Saw Depths (TR-587)
Feb 2010 Ethanol Plant By-Product Uses for Pavement GEO-Materials Stabilization, TR-582
May 2011 Development of LRFD Design Procedures for Bridge Piles in Iowa-Volume II: Field Testing of Steel Piles in Clay, Sand, and Mixed Soils and Analysis
Jan 2012 Development of LRFD Procedures for Bridge Pile Foundations in Iowa--Volume III: Recommended Resistance Factors with Consideration of Construction Control and Setup
Mar 2010 Establishing a Dynamic Formula for Pile Design and Construction Control of Pile Driving
Jun 2009 Pavement Markings and Safety
Nov 2011 Evaluation of Rumble Stripes on Low-Volume Rural Roads in Iowa--Phase II
Dec 2012 Evaluation of Dynamic Speed Feedback Signs on Curves: A National Demonstration Project
Jun 2010 Development of LRFD Design Procedures for Bridge Piles in Iowa-Volume I: An Electronic Database for PIle LOad Tests (PILOT)
May 2012 Development of LRFD Procedures for Bridge Piles in Iowa - Volume IV: Design Guide and Track Examples
Nov 2010 Design, Construction, and Field Testing of an Ultra-High Performance Concrete Pi-Girder Bridge
Oct 2010 Identification of Practices, Design, Construction, and Repair Using Trenchless Technology
Jul 2008 Performance Evaluation of Concrete Pavement Granular Subbase: Pavement Surface Condition Evaluation (TR-554)
Dec 2010 Evaluation of a Bridge Constructed with Ultra High Performance Concrete
Nov 2008 Clear Zone - A Synthesis of Practice and an Evaluation of the Benefits of Meeting the 10 ft Clear Zone Goal on Urban Streets
Nov 2008 Use of Ultra-High Performance Concrete in Geotechnical and Substructure Applications (TR-558)
May 2008 Feasibility Investigation of Segmentally Precast Bridge Piers for Accelerated Construction
Jan 2009 Laboratory and Field Testing and Evaluation of Precast Bridge Elements
Jul 2006 Evaluation of Hot Mix Asphalt Moisture Sensitivity Using the Nottingham Asphalt Test Equipment, Phase II (TR-555)
Oct 2007 Field Evaluation of Timber Preservation Treatments for Iowa Highway Applications (IHRB-05-10)
Jun 2010 Local Agency Pavement Marking Plan
Oct 2006 Performance Evaluation of Rubblized Pavements in Iowa
Jun 2008 Instrumentation and Monitoring of Precast, Post-tensioned Bridge Approach Pavement
Oct 2010 Investigation of the Impacts of Rural Development on Iowa's Secondary Road Systems
Mar 2006 Iowa Data Collection and Analysis for the 2005-2006 National Surface Characteristics Field Experiment Plan (TR-537)
Sep 2009 Design and Evaluation of a Single-Span Bridge Using Ultra-High Performance Concrete
Sep 2008 Design Guide for Improved Quality of Roadway Subgrades and Subbases (TR-525)
Dec 2007 Traffic Calming Techniques for Small Rural Communities
Oct 2005 Guidelines for Removal of Traffic Control Devices in Rural Areas
Oct 2007 Investigation of Steel Stringer Bridges: Superstructures and Substructures, Vol II (TR-522)
Jul 2005 Applications for Reuse of Lime Sludge from Water Softening (TR-535)
Dec 2005 Monitoring Wind-Induced Vibrations/Stresses in a High Mast Lighting Tower
May 2008 Measurements of Seasonal Changes and Spatial Variation in Pavement Subgrade Support Properties: A Link to Pavement Performance (TR-516)
Dec 2005 Optimization and Management of Materials in Earthwork Construction (TR-501)
Nov 2005 Design Guide and Construction Specifications for NPDES Site Runoff Control (TR-508)
May 2007 Evaluation of Long Term Field Performance of Cold In-Place Recycled Roads (TR-502)
Jun 2005 Implementing the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (TR-509)
May 2007 Thin Maintenance Surfaces, Phase 3: Municipal Streets and Low-Volume Rural Roads (TR-507)
Sep 2005 Design and Construction Procedures for Concrete Overlay and Widening of Existing Pavements (TR-511, Proj. 6)
Mar 2005 Determination and Evaluation of Alternate Methods for Managing and Controlling Highway-Related Dust, Phase II - Demonstration Project
Sep 2005 Improving PCC Mix Consistency and Production by Mixing Improvements (TR-505, Proj. 11)
Apr 2006 Laboratory Study of Structural Behavior of Alternative Dowel Bars (Proj. 7)
May 2005 Measuring Pavement Profile at the Slip-Form Paver (TR-512, Proj. 12)
Sep 2004 Iowa Drainage Law Manual (TR-497)
Aug 2007 Field Testing of Railroad Flatcar Bridges (TR-498)
Oct 2007 Embankment Quality, Phase 4: Application to Unsuitable Soils (TR-492)
Feb 2004 Field Evaluation of Compaction Monitoring Technology, Phase 1 (TR-495)
Apr 2006 Performance Evaluation of Steel Bridges, Phase II (TR-493)
Dec 2005 Innovative Solutions for Slope Stability Reinforcement and Characterization in Iowa Soils (TR-489)
Sep 2003 Statistical Analysis of Highway Needs Condition Data: Manual vs Automated
Aug 2005 In Situ Detection Methods for Materials-Related Distress in Concrete Pavements: Phase II (HR-1081, Proj. 1)
Dec 2003 Stringless Concrete Paving (TR-490)
May 2004 Development of Object-Oriented Specifications for Iowa DOT and Urban Standards (TR-487)
Apr 2004 Evaluation of Using Non-Corrosive Deicing Materials and Corrosion Reducing Treatments for Deicing Salts (TR-471)
Feb 2004 Determination of the Optimum Base Characteristics for Pavements (TR-482)
Dec 2004 Identification of the Best Practices for the Design, Construction, and Repair of Bridge Approach Sections
Jan 2005 Evaluation of Hot Mix Asphalt Moisture Sensitivity Using the Nottingham Asphalt Test Equipment (TR-483)
Mar 2006 Materials and Mix Optimization Procedures for PCC Pavements (TR-484, Proj. 3)
Sep 2002 Improved Pavement Curing Materials and Techniques: Part 2 (Phase III) (TR-479)
Mar 2004 Development of a Method to Determine Pavement Damage Due to Detours (TR-470)
Oct 2002 Synthesis of Best Practices for Increasing Protection and Visibility of Highway Maintenance Vehicles and Workers (TR-475)
Oct 2005 Rehabilitation of Concrete Pavements Utilizing Rubblization and Crack and Seat Methods (TR-473)
Dec 2003 Conducting Introductory Literature Searches for the Iowa Highway Research Board (TR-468)
Aug 2006 Evaluation of Composite Pavement Unbonded Overlays: Phase III (TR-478, HR-1093, Proj. 2)
Jun 2002 Evaluation of Composite Pavement Unbonded Overlays, Phases I and II (TR-478, Proj. 2)
Jun 2006 Evaluation of Unbonded Ultrathin Whitetopping of Brick Streets (TR-466)
Apr 2005 Fly Ash Soil Stabilization for Non-Uniform Subgrade Soils (TR-461)
Apr 2005 Soil Stabilization of Non-Uniform Subgrade Soils (TR-461, Proj. 4)
Aug 2002 Synthesis of Dowel Bar Research (HR-1080)
Mar 2002 Handbook of Simplified Practice for Traffic Studies (TR-455)
Jun 2001 Durable, Cost Effective Pavement Marking Materials, Phase I (TR-454)
Dec 2001 Low Water Stream Crossings in Iowa (TR-453)
Sep 2002 Improved Pavement Curing Materials and Techniques: Part 1 (Phases I and II) (TR-451)
May 2002 Technology Transfer of As-Built and Preliminary Surveys by Total Station GPS, Video Logging, and Laser Scanning (TR-446)
Aug 2002 Development of Bridge Load Testing for Load Evaluation (TR-445)
Mar 2002 Embankment Quality, Phase 3 (TR-401)
Jun 2001 Systematic Identification of High Crash Locations
Jun 2002 Evaluation of Rammed Aggregate Piers for Highway Applications in Iowa Soils (TR-443)
Apr 2001 Iowa Guide and Reference Manual for Traffic Control Devices and Pavement Markings
May 2007 An Integral Abutment Bridge with Precast Concrete Piles (TR-438)
Dec 1999 Response of Iowa Pavements to Heavy Agricultural Loads (HR-1075)
Aug 2002 Retrofit Methods of Distortion Cracking Problems in Plate Girder Bridges (TR-436)
Oct 2000 HWYNEEDS: Methodology, Analysis and Evaluation (TR-433)
Apr 2004 Steel Diaphragms in Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges (TR-424)
Feb 2000 Field Demonstration Project: Reclaimed Fly Ash as Select Fill Under P.C.C. Pavements (TR-425)
May 2000 Mobility and Safety Impacts of Winter Storm Events in a Freeway Environment
Sep 2000 Impact of Deck Cracking, Phase II (TR-405)
Aug 1999 A Commemorative History of the Iowa Highway Research Board (TR-423)
Jan 2000 Embankment Quality, Phase 2 (TR-401)
Oct 1998 Feasibility of Using Automated Distress Data in the County Need Study (TR-418)
Aug 2000 A Laboratory Investigation into the Effects of Aggregate-Related Factors of Critical VMA in Asphalt Paving Mixtures (TR-415)
Nov 2000 Development of Materials Training Course for Technicians (TR-416)
Nov 2000 Determine Initial Cause for Current Premature PCC Pavement Deterioration (TR-406)
Apr 1998 Embankment Quality: Phase I and Phase II
Apr 1998 Comprehensive Quality Incentive Program for Portland Cement Concrete Paving (TR-403)
Apr 1998 Impact of Deck Cracking on Durability, Phase I (TR-405)
Dec 1997 Access Management Awareness Program Work Plan for Phase II (Amendment 1) (TR-402)
Jun 2005 Field Testing of Integral Abutments (HR-399)
Jul 1997 Guidelines for County Engineering Decisions (TR-369)
Jan 1994 Impacts on Safety of Left-Turn Treatment at High Speed Signalized Intersections (HR-347)
Jun 1998 Preventing Cracking at Diaphragm/Plate Girder Connections in Steel Bridges (TR-393)