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Oct 2018 Iowa DOT Office of Maintenance Winter Operations Decision Support Tools
Feb 2018 Enhancing the Fundamental Knowledge and Use of Asphalt Emulsions Using Systematic Scientific and Engineering Approaches
Feb 2018 Initial Characterization of Geopolymer Based UHPC Material Properties
Aug 2017 Use of Biocementation for Slope Stabilization of Levees
Jan 2018 Guide to Lifecycle Data and Information Sharing Workflow for Transportation Assets
May 2018 Speed Limits, Geometry, and Driver Behavior
Feb 2018 Use of SHRP2 NDS Data to Evaluate Roadway Departure Characteristics
Jun 2018 Evaluation of Work-Zone Safety Using SHRP2 Naturalistic Driving Study Data
Feb 2017 Useful Life of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Dec 2016 St. Louis Freight Development Plan
Aug 2017 Driving Simulator Study of Merge Signs
Dec 2016 Experimental Evaluation of Existing and Retrofit Designs of Bridge Finger Joints
Dec 2016 Improved Sheet Pile Systems for Transportation Infrastructure
Dec 2017 Intermodal Gantry Crane Pavement and Foundation Design Improvement
Dec 2016 Roadway Infrastructure in Various 3D Visualization Modes
Dec 2016 Vision-Based Traffic Conflict Detection of Signalized Intersections
Jul 2017 Cost-Effective Field Test Methods for LRFD Resistance Factors of Drilled Shafts
Dec 2016 Optimizing Performance Characteristics of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Lightweight Concrete (SFRLWC) for Wearing Surface Application on Orthotropic Steel Decks
Mar 2017 Condition-Based Maintenance and Management of Aging Transportation Infrastructure
Nov 2016 Networks Subject to Extreme Flood Events
Mar 2017 Road-Based Accessibility to Essential Services
Dec 2016 Women as Assets in Railroad/Transportation Operational Roles
Sep 2017 Condition Assessment Tools for Post-Tensioned Bridges
Oct 2017 Integration of Structural Health Monitoring into Mulitlayer Statewide Bridge Maintenance and Management Practices
Oct 2016 Development of a Mix Formation and Pavement Design Using Asphalt-Rubber Binders and Biobased Additives
Sep 2017 Reliability of Element-Level Bridge Inspections
Aug 2017 Using Operational Data to Access Mobility and Crash Experience During Winter Conditions
Sep 2018 Go! Magazine
Sep 2019 High Friction Surface Treatment for High Crash Locations
May 2017 Risk-Based Bridge Management: A Methodology to Assess and Incorporate Risk in Decision-Making
Dec 2016 Benefits of an Intermodal Hub - The Case for St. Louis
Aug 2017 Bridges for Life: Better Data in Support of Performance Management Analysis
Aug 2017 Developing Risk-Based Bridge Inspection Practices


Project end date More information
Apr 2018 Estimating Energy Efficiency of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in a Mixed Fleet
Feb 2018 Big Data-­Driven Prediction of Long-Term Bridge Performance and Management Improvements
Jun 2018 Evaluation of the Mechanical and Environmental Performance of Biofuel Co-Product-Stabilized Unpaved Roads
Mar 2018 Paving the Way for Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Technologies in the Motor Carrier and Rail Industries
Oct 2017 Traffic Impact Assessment Tool for Moving Work Zone Operations
Dec 2017 Evaluation of Work Zone Split Traffic Symbol Sign
Dec 2016 Development of a Transportation Real-Time Technology Readiness Framework
Mar 2018 Missouri Highway Safety Manual Recalibration
Jun 2018 Effect of Coupling on A-Walls for Slope Stabilization
Dec 2017 Understanding the Impacts of Work Zone Activities on Traffic Flow Characteristics
Jan 2018 Optimizing Fleet Composition and Size under Uncertainty in Urban Transit Systems
Feb 2018 Strategic Decision Support for Airport Capacity Planning
Nov 2017 Strategic Design for Delivery with Linked Transportation Assets: Trucks and Drones
Sep 2017 Bridge Maintenance Program for the City of Columbia, Missouri
Jun 2016 Improving Striping Operations through System Optimization - Phase 2
Mar 2017 Design of Maintainable Drains for Earth Retaining Structures
Jun 2018 Intelligent Highway Management System for the City of Wichita
Jun 2018 Performance-Based Operations Assessment of Adaptive Control Implementation in Des Moines, Iowa
Aug 2017 Developing a Data-Driven Traffic Impact Assessment Tool for Work Zones
Oct 2016 Development of an Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective Biogrout for Concrete Crack Repair
Oct 2017 Implementation Evaluation of the Rustic Road Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System
Jun 2018 Data-Driven Highway Infrastructure Resilience Assessment
Dec 2017 Estimating Crash Modification Factors for Lane Departure Countermeasures in Kansas
Oct 2016 Aggregate Freezing-Thawing Performance Using the Iowa Pore Index
Jan 2018 Creation of a Sustainable Collaborative Transportation and Safety Model
Jun 2017 Improving Traffic Safety through Better Snow Fences: Image-Based Methods to Measure Trapped Snow Volume and the Snow Relocation Coefficient
Apr 2018 Evaluation of Rural Intersection Treatments
Feb 2018 Installation Guidance for Centerline and Edgeline Rumble Strips in Narrow Pavements
Sep 2016 Monitoring Vibrations on the Jefferson City Truss Bridge
Dec 2015 Owner-Operator versus Company-Driver Safety Performance Analysis
Jan 2016 Machine-Vision-Based Roadway Health Monitoring and Assessment
May 2016 Assessing Risk of D-Cracking in Concrete Aggregates
Feb 2018 Distributed Traffic Control for Reduced Fuel Consumption and Travel Time in Transportation Networks
Sep 2017 Investigation of the Link Between Macroscopic Traffic Flow Characteristics and Individual Vehicle Fuel Consumption
May 2017 FE-ANN Based Modeling of 3D Simple Reinforced Concrete Girders for Objective Structural Health Evaluation
Dec 2015 Economic Impact for the Region of Replacement of the Merchants Bridge
Nov 2016 Implementation of Transportation Asset Management in Grandview, Missouri
Jun 2015 Modeling Airside Operations at Major Airports for Strategic Decision Support
Dec 2015 The Feasibility of Charging Private Vehicles an Airport Drop-Off and Pick-Up Charge
Dec 2015 The Substitution of Ground Transportation for Service to Smaller Communities Now Receiving Essential Air Service Subsidies
Mar 2018 Why TNCs Will Be Regulated Like TaxisHistorically Speaking
Jun 2018 Data-Driven Health Management of Electrical Vehicle Battery Systems
Jun 2018 Risk and Failure Resilience of Interdependent Transportation Systems
Dec 2016 Investigation of Rural J-Turn Design Factors Using the ZouSim Driving Simulator
Sep 2016 System-Wide Safety Treatments and Design Guidance for J-Turns
Sep 2016 Assessing Segment- and Corridor-Based Travel-Time Reliability on Urban Freeways
Dec 2016 Data Driven Urban Traffic Prediction for Winter Performance Measurements
May 2016 Developing Green, Highly Flowable, Rapid Set, High-Performance Concrete for Pavement Patch Repair
Dec 2017 Development of Crash Modification Factors for Lane Departure Countermeasures
Mar 2018 Development of Rural Road Bridge Weigh-in-Motion System to Assess Weight and Configuration of Farm-to-Market Vehicles
Mar 2016 Pervious Concrete Physical Characteristics and Effectiveness in Stormwater Pollution Reduction
Sep 2016 Crash Location Correction for Freeway Interchange Modeling
Jun 2016 Development and Evaluation of Portable Device for Measuring Curling and Warping in Concrete Pavements
May 2018 Driver Crash Causation Study by Gender—Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois Comparison
Sep 2016 Economic Impact of Multi-Span, Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges Designed as Simple Span versus Continuous Span
Apr 2018 Evaluations of Large-Truck Crash Severity in Missouri
Jun 2017 Field Measurements on the Effect of Temporary Rumble Strips in Work Zone Flagging Operations
Sep 2016 Historical Performance Evaluation of Iowa Pavement Treatments Using Data Analytics
Aug 2015 Designing and Applying a Decision-Support System for DOT Fleet Assignment and Operation
Jan 2015 Proof of Concept: Biocement for Road Repair
May 2018 Visualization and Communication in Pavement Performance/Visual Analysis of Pavement Performance and Related Factors
Feb 2018 Pavement Performance: New Approaches Using Predictive Analytics/An Assessment of the Models to Predict Pavement Performance
May 2015 Economic Sustainability of Inner City Streets: A Collaborative Sustainable Asset Management Transportation System Model
Dec 2014 Research, Education, and Development (RED): Examining Characteristics of Roadway Infastructure in Various 3D Visualization Modes
Dec 2015 Terrestrial Laser Scanning-Based Bridge Structural Condition Assessment
Sep 2014 How Firm Size Affects Safety Performance in the U.S. Motor Carrier Industry
Oct 2017 Advancing Implementation of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge Systems
Dec 2014 Mass Transit Sustainability in the St. Louis Region
Nov 2007 Effectiveness of Paved Shoulders in Iowa
Jul 1997 Guidelines for County Engineering Decisions (TR-369)
Dec 1998 Statewide Transportation Planning Model and Methodology Development Program
Mar 1996 Linking Real Time and Location in Scheduling Demand-Responsive Transit
Sep 1996 The Potential of Steering Wheel Information to Detect Driver Drowsiness and Associated Lane Departure
Jun 1995 Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO). Interstate Cooperation for Implementation of ITS-CVO Functions; Institutional Opportunities and Barriers
Sep 1996 Interstate Cooperation for Implementation of ITS/CVO Functions: Institutional Opportunities and Barriers
May 1995 Recruiting and Retaining Women and Minorities in Public Sector Engineering Positions
Sep 1995 Strategies for Fostering Modal Competition in the Midwest
Sep 1994 High-Speed Computing to Facilitate Real Time Analysis of Transportation Planning Alternatives
Mar 1994 Improved Methodology for Considering Safety in Road Investment Decision
Nov 1993 Interacting Vehicles and Roadways with Elderly Drivers on Missouri Highways
Dec 1994 Spatial Data Systems for Transportation Planning
Apr 1995 Loading and Unloading Practices Related to Lumping: Status and Implications for Motor Carriers, Shippers, and Other Parties, Executive Summary and Final Report
Dec 1993 Analysis of Policies for Highway Safety Improvements on Low-Volume Rural Roadways
May 1995 Growth Management Strategies to Reduce Transportation Capital Costs In and Near Midwestern Urban Areas
Sep 1993 Transportation of Rural Elders and Access to Health Care
Mar 1994 Winter Transportation Problems: Identifying Strategies to Improve Safety and Reduce Economic Burdens
Jun 1994 Value of County Engineers and Their Counterparts: Strategies to Expand the Shrinking Employment Pool
Sep 1994 Economic, Operating, and Infrastructure Impacts of Concentrated Truck Transport Service and Designated Commercial Highway Networks
Dec 1992 The Economic Impact of Rural Highway Bypasses: Iowa and Minnesota Case Studies
Aug 1991 Economic Analysis of Scenic Byways in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska, final technical report
Apr 1993 Efficient Distribution of Grain to Meet the Quality Needs of End-Users
Jul 1997 Alternative Approaches to Providing Passenger Transportation in Low Density Cities: The Case of Council Bluffs
Mar 1991 Alternative investments in the Rural Branch Railroad and County Road Systems
May 1995 An Economic Investigation into Railroad Pricing and Car Allocation Programs
May 1996 Applications for Interactive Transportation Planning GIS (TPGIS)
Oct 1994 Assessing the Independence, Mobility and Safety of Older Drivers
Nov 1990 Changing Role of Freight Transportation Modes and Intermodal Freight
Sep 1996 Choosing Smart Technologies: A Guide for Busy Rural Paratransit Operators
Nov 1990 Computer-Aided Decision Support for Making Locational Decisions
Nov 1991 Coordinated Paratransit in the Era of ADA
Jan 1990 Dynamic Simulation Methods for Evaluating Motor Vehicle and Roadway Design and Resolving Policy Issues
Jul 1991 Dynamic Simulation Methods for Evaluating Vehicle Configuration and Roadway Design
Aug 1992 Economic Regulation of Intrastate Trucking: An In-Depth Examination of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska
May 1990 Emission Control in Diesel Engines by Alcohol Fumigation
Jul 1993 Employment and Commuting by Rural Women on the Metropolitan Periphery
Jul 1997 Environmental Justice & Transportation Investment Policy
Aug 1991 Essential Parameters for an Iowa Bridge Management System
Jun 1994 Estimating Pavement Damage from Longer and Heavier Combination Vehicles
Jan 1997 Greenhouse Gas Action Plan for the Transportation Sector in Iowa
Jun 1995 Improving Interbus Transfer with Automatic Vehicle Location
Feb 1992 Institutional Barriers and Opportunities for IVHS in Commercial Vehicle Operations: An Iowa Case Study
Sep 1992 Microcomputer Transportation Planning Models to Develop Key Highway Commodity Flows and Estimate ESAL Values
Oct 1990 Need for Transportation Alternatives for the Rural Elderly
Jan 1997 Planning for Parking
Nov 1994 Policy Issues of an Iowa Longer Combination Vehicle Network
Jun 1992 Public Sector Participation in Local Rail Service Projects with an Economic Development focus
May 1990 Road Investment to Foster Local Economic Development
Jun 1994 Safety and Highway Investment
Jul 1994 Safety Impact of the Increased 65 MPH Speed Limit on Iowa Rural Interstates
Nov 1992 Scenic Byways: Their Selection, Designation, Protection, and Safety
Jun 1993 State Short Line Railroads and the Rural Economy
Jun 1992 Strategies for Improving the Safety of Elderly Drivers
Nov 1990 Transit-Related Joint Development for Economic Growth in Rural and Small Urban Areas
Apr 1993 Transportation and Iowa's Economic Future
Jun 1993 Transportation Modeling System for Transportation Model Formulation and Solution
Jan 1997 Travel Time Estimation on Urban Arterials Using Loop Detector Data
Dec 1997 Validation of Relationship of Cognitive Skills Losses to Driving Performance