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Research Projects Sponsored By

Minnesota Department of Transportation

In Progress

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Aug 2018 MnDOT LRRB Cost-EffectiveTimber Bridge Designs for Long-Term Performance
Apr 2018 MnDOT LRRB Field Investigation of Stabilized Full-Depth Reclamation (SFDR)
Feb 2017 MnDOT Evaluation of Workzone Safety Using the SHRP2 Naturalistic Driving Study Data
Aug 2015 Implementation of Thin Bonded Concrete Overlays of Asphalt Pavements (BCOAs)
Jun 2018 MnDOT LRRB Optimal RAP Content for Minnesota Gravel Roads
Oct 2017 MnDOT LRRB Minnesota Local Agency Pavement Marking: Mining Existing Data
Nov 2015 Impact of Lower Asphalt Binder for Coarse HMA Mixes
Dec 2009 Minnesota Local Agency Pavement Marking Practices-Phase I
Sep 2006 Crash Mapping Analysis Tool for Minnesota DOT
Aug 2006 Snow and Ice Operations Cost Analysis


Project end date More information
Aug 2017 MnDOT Thin Whitetopping Selection Procedures
Jul 2016 MnDOT Evaluation of Truck and Agricultural Vehicle Behavior at Reduced Conflict Intersections
Aug 2017 MnDOT Evaluation of Intersection Conflict Warning Systems
Aug 2016 MnDOT Barriers to Right-of-Way Acquisition and Recommendations for Change
Aug 2015 MnDOT LRRB Alternate Design Methods to Renew Lightly Traveled Paved Roads
Oct 2016 MnDOT LRRB Modernizing Road Construction Plans and Documentation
Apr 2015 Major Equipment Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
Dec 2015 MnDOT LRRB Next Generation Bridge Management Tools and Inspection
Nov 2015 MnDOT LRRB Development of Cost-Effective Timber Bridge Repair Techniques for Minnesota
Mar 2015 MnDOT LRRB Aggregate Road Surface Rejuvenation
Mar 2015 Risk-Based Engineers Estimate
Mar 2015 MnDOT LRRB Lightly-Surfaced Roads: Stabilized Aggregate Applications
May 2015 Carbonate Aggregate in Concrete
Aug 2014 MnDOT Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Contracting
Nov 2014 Development and Integration of Advanced Timber Bridge Inspection Techniques for NBIS
Apr 2016 MnDOT Evaluation of Pavement Markings on Challenging Surfaces
Aug 2012 Construction Manager/General Contractor Issue Identification
May 2016 MnDOT Rumble Stripe: Evaluation of Retroreflectivity and Installation Practices
Jul 2013 Performance of Recycled Asphalt Shingles in Hot Mix Asphalt
Jul 2011 Implementation, Training, and Outreach for MnDOT Pavement Marking Tool - Phase II
Nov 2009 Minnesota Truck Parking Study Phase 2
Mar 2011 Low-Cost Strategies to Reduce Speed and Crashes on Curves
Aug 2012 Investigation of Low Temperature Cracking in Asphalt Pavements
Mar 2009 Implementation of Intelligent Compaction Performance-Based Specifications in Minnesota
Nov 2008 Achieving Efficiency in Meeting Safety, Operations, Maintenance, and Air Quality Goals
Jul 2009 Implementation of Intelligent Compaction Performance Based Specifications in Minnesota
Dec 2011 Effects of Implements of Husbandry (Farm Equipment) on Pavement Performance
Jul 2008 Warrants for Roundabouts
Feb 2007 Field Validation of Intelligent Compaction Monitoring Technology for Unbound Materials and HMA
Dec 2005 Performance Effectiveness of Design-Build, Lane Rental, and A + B Contracting Techniques
Dec 2004 Impacts of Overweight Implements of Husbandry on Minnesota Roads and Bridges
Jun 2005 Trucks and Twin Cities Traffic Management
Sep 2006 Safety Impacts of Street Lighting at Isolated Rural Intersections, Part II
Feb 2004 Effectiveness of All-Red Clearance Time on Intersection Accidents and Violation Trends
Dec 2007 Material and Construction Optimization for Prevention of Premature Pavement Distress in PCC Pavements, Phases I and II
Sep 2004 Cost Comparison of Treatments Used to Maintain or Upgrade Aggregate Roads
Dec 2001 MN/DOT Office of Research Services Web Site Upgrades
Dec 2000 Methods to Reduce Traffic Speed in High Pedestrian Areas
Nov 1999 Measuring the Public Value of Aesthetic Considerations
Jan 2008 Minnesota Interstate Truck Parking Study
Jan 1997 Travel Time Estimation on Urban Arterials Using Loop Detector Data
Feb 2008 Winter Weather Severity Index Enhancements