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Midwest Transportation Consortium


Project end date More information
Apr 2012 Risk Mitigation Strategies for Operations and Maintenance Activities
Nov 2012 Integrated Risk Management for Improving Internal Traffic Control, Work-Zone Safety, and Mobility during Major Construction
May 2013 Evaluation of Mitigation for Safety Concerns on Low-Volume, Unpaved Rural Roads
Aug 2012 Development of a Bridge Safety Information System for the Saylorville Reservoir Bridge
Apr 2013 Evaluation and Guidance on Effective Traffic Calming for Small Communities
May 2012 Study of the Factors that Contribute to Motorcycle Conspicuity - Phase II
Apr 2012 Toolbox of Countermeasures to Reduce Red Light Running
Jun 2011 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Red Light Running Camera Enforcement in Cedar Rapids and Developing Guidelines for Selection and Use of Red Light Running Countermeasures
Aug 2011 Applicability of Road Assessment Program Methods to Metropolitan Safety Planning
Dec 2011 Development of a Conflict Analysis Methodology Using SSAM
Aug 2011 Safety and Mobility Impacts of Winter Weather - Phase I
Nov 2010 Behavior Study of Merge Practices for Drivers at Work Zone Closures
Mar 2011 Asset Management and Safety: A Performance Perspective
Oct 2010 Improving Traffic Safety Culture in Iowa
Jan 2011 Evaluation of Safety Edge Benefits in Iowa
Jan 2011 Use of Lateral Position as a Safety Surrogate Measure
Jun 2010 Enhancing Motorcycle Conspicuity Awareness in Iowa
Aug 2011 A Transportation Safety Planning Tool for the City of Ames
Mar 2011 Low-Cost Strategies to Reduce Speed and Crashes on Curves
Jun 2009 Construction Project Administration and Management for Mitigating Work Zone Accidents and Fatalities: An Integrated Risk Management Model
Nov 2011 Evaluation of Rumble Stripes on Low-Volume Rural Roads in Iowa--Phase II
Sep 2011 Evaluation of Electronic Speed Limit Signs for Unified Consolidated School on US 30, Eastbound and Westbound
Dec 2012 Evaluation of Dynamic Speed Feedback Signs on Curves: A National Demonstration Project
Dec 2011 Managing Decisions Regarding Rural Expressway Routes and Associated Bypasses
Apr 2008 Remote Health Monitoring for Asset Management
Apr 2009 Spatial Scale of Clustering of Motor Vehicle Crash Types and Appropriate Countermeasures
Nov 2008 Achieving Efficiency in Meeting Safety, Operations, Maintenance, and Air Quality Goals
Mar 2008 Assessing the Spatial and Temporal Differences in Midwestern Crashes Relative to National Data: Implications for Public Policy Decisions
Oct 2010 Iowa Pavement Marking and Sign Management System
Feb 2008 A Decision Support System for Optimal Depot and Fleet Management
Feb 2008 Bridge Deck Integrity Measurements for Asset Management
Feb 2008 Bridge Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Against Explosions
Feb 2008 Integration of Asset Management Systems with Load and Resistance Factor Design
Jul 2011 Management of Rural Expressways for Improved Safety and Operational Performance
Jul 2008 Synthesis Study: Effectiveness of Safety Corridor Programs in Region 7 States
Jun 2009 Evaluation Framework for the Creation and Analysis of Integrated Spatially-referenced Driver-Crash Databases
Jul 2007 Flexible Start/Fixed Duration Contracting for Construction of Transportation Projects: A Case Study of the Paseo Bridge
Jan 2012 Utilization of Remote Traffic Monitoring Devices for Urban Freeway Work Zone Assessment
Jun 2007 Prefabricated Elements Case Study
Jun 2007 Synthesis of Practices for Mitigating the Impact of Work Zones on Traffic
Nov 2008 Clear Zone - A Synthesis of Practice and an Evaluation of the Benefits of Meeting the 10 ft Clear Zone Goal on Urban Streets
Jun 2007 An Investigation into the Development and Adoption of Technologies, Policies, and Methods for Improving Fleet Fuel Performance
Jun 2007 Investigation of Methodologies Used by Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Motor Carriers to Determine Fuel Surcharges
Aug 2008 Managing Early Adoption of Biodiesel by Commercial Fleets
Jun 2007 Optimization of Intermodal Logistics Operations in Disaster Planning
Dec 2007 Asset Management Strategies to Mitigate Freeway Work Zone Congestion
Mar 2007 Secondary Accident Data Fusion for Assessing Long-Term Performance of Transportation Systems
Nov 2006 An Integrated Systems Approach to the Development of Winter Maintenance / Management Systems
Nov 2007 Development of Fatigue Design Procedures for Slender, Tapered Support Structures for Highway Signs, Luminaries, and Traffic Signals Subjected to Wind-Induced Excitation from Vortex Shedding and Buffeting
Jan 2006 Synthesis of Procedures to Forecast and Monitor Work Zone Safety and Mobility Impacts
Aug 2008 Implementation of HERS-ST in Iowa and Development /Refinement of a National Training Program
Nov 2005 Management Systems for Inland Waterway Traffic Control
Sep 2006 Planning, Developing and Implementing the Iowa Pavement Marking Management System (IPMMS)
Mar 2004 Planning, Developing and Implementation of the Iowa Pavement Markings Management Program
Jun 2005 Investigation of User Costs and Benefits of Winter Road Closures
Dec 2003 Roadway Alignments as Assets: Evaluating Alternatives for Valuing Major Highway Corridor Rights of Way
Sep 2008 PONTIS, Implementation and Operation: Iowa DOT and Counties, Phase III: Implementation and Operation
Dec 2004 Evaluation of Different Methods to Calculate Heavy-Truck VMT
Dec 2002 Improving Efficiency of Transportation Projects Using Laser Scanning
Jul 2003 Application of Advanced Remote Sensing Technology to Asset Management
Jun 2001 GPS to LRM: Integration of Spatial Point Features with Linear Referencing Methods