CTRE is an Iowa State University center, administered by the Institute for Transportation.

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Smart Work Zone Deployment Initiative

In Progress

Project end date More information
Aug 2017 Driving Simulator Study of Merge Signs
Jul 2007 Work Zone Forecasting Service


Project end date More information
Oct 2017 Traffic Impact Assessment Tool for Moving Work Zone Operations
Dec 2017 Understanding the Impacts of Work Zone Activities on Traffic Flow Characteristics
Aug 2017 Developing a Data-Driven Traffic Impact Assessment Tool for Work Zones
Jan 2017 Setting Work Zone Speed Limits
Jan 2015 Modeling Merging Behavior at Lane Drops
Jun 2013 Work-Zone Traffic Performance Measures
Nov 2012 Integrated Risk Management for Improving Internal Traffic Control, Work-Zone Safety, and Mobility during Major Construction
Nov 2010 Behavior Study of Merge Practices for Drivers at Work Zone Closures
Feb 2010 Application of Visualization and Simulation Program to Improve Work Zone Safety and Mobility
Oct 2012 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Temporary Work-Zone Pavement Marking Products
Jan 2009 Synthesis of Traffic Calming Techniques in Work Zones
Jul 2007 Flexible Start/Fixed Duration Contracting for Construction of Transportation Projects: A Case Study of the Paseo Bridge
Aug 2007 Temporary Traffic Control and Enforcement of Traffic Laws in Closed Road Sections
Jan 2012 Utilization of Remote Traffic Monitoring Devices for Urban Freeway Work Zone Assessment
Jul 2007 Assessment of Channelizing Device Effectiveness on High Speed/High Volume Roadways
Jun 2007 Prefabricated Elements Case Study
Jun 2007 Synthesis of Practices for Mitigating the Impact of Work Zones on Traffic
Dec 2007 Asset Management Strategies to Mitigate Freeway Work Zone Congestion