CTRE is an Iowa State University center, administered by the Institute for Transportation.

Address: 2711 S. Loop Drive, Suite 4700, Ames, IA 50010-8664

Phone: 515-294-8103
FAX: 515-294-0467

Website: www.ctre.iastate.edu/

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Research Projects Sponsored By

USDA Forest Service

In Progress

Project end date More information
Jun 2018 Buchanan County Smart Timber GRS Abutment Bridge
Jan 2015 Development of a Smart Timber Bridge-Development of Data Processing Techniques for Determining Changes in Structural Stiffness


Project end date More information
Jul 2013 Moisture Sensor Investigation for Historic Covered Bridges
Dec 2010 Implementation and Evaluation of Smart Timber Bridge Concepts to Provide Continuous Structural Condition Assessment
May 2008 Analyze Wind-Loading Data Collected During Hurricane Katrina
Sep 2005 Development and Implementation of Design Recommendations for the Minimization of Timber Deck Panel Differential Deflection
Dec 2004 Development of Acceptable Live Load Deflection Criteria for Various Timber Superstructure and Deck Types
Dec 2004 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Glued Laminated Helper Stringers