Statewide, Non-NHS Federal Aid Eligible System, Pavement Management Program


The purpose of this project is to develop a pavement management information system for the state of Iowa that will include the non-National Highway System and Federal Aid Eligible highways. Originally, this project started as the Iowa statewide pavement management system as mandated by the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) of 1991.  When the National Highway System Act was passed by congress in 1995 relaxing the previous mandate, participation in the project by Iowa cities, counties, and regional governments became voluntary.  However, the majority of Iowa governments are still planning to participate.

The Iowa pavement management program's (IPMP) mission to support the management, planning, and programming needs of transportation agencies in Iowa is twofold.  First, IPMP will help participating local agencies make informed project-level decisions regarding pavement design, construction, and maintenance.  Second, IPMP will support the developement of transportation improvement programs (TIPs) at the local, regional, and Iowa DOT levels.  The IPMP will fulfill this mission by providing pavement management information, data analysis tools, training, and other technical support.

Project-level analysis will be the responsibility of local highway operating agencies.  Network-level analysis will be the responsibility of regional planning agencies and the Iowa DOT.  The Iowa DOT is committed to using the IPMP as an invaluable decision-making tool for the state non-NHS network.  Local and regional agencies have the option to use this valuable tool.

CTRE is responsible for building the database in a dynamically segmented GIS environment, populating the database with pavement historical information, supervising the collection of pavement condition data, disseminating the data back to governmental organizations, and assisting all governmental agencies in performing their pavement management functions.

This project is being sponsored by the Iowa Department of Transportation through the Office of Program Management.  The project is being supervised by a project advisory committee and subcommittees consisting of Iowa Department of Transportation staff, city representatives, representatives of regional governments, and county engineers.


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