Statewide Transportation Planning Model and Methodology Development Program


Statewide Freight Transportation Planning Model and Methodology Development Program
Phase I Report
(pdf file)


1) Developer's Guide for the Multimodal Statewide Freight Transportation Model (pdf file)

2) Developer's Guide FAQs (pdf file)

3) User's Guide for the Multimodal Statewide Freight Transportation Model (pdf file)

4) Discussion of Issues Affecting Freight Transportation (pdf file)

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Project Sponsor

Iowa DOT and Midwest Transportation Center

Project Description

This project investigates and establishes guidelines for the development of analytical methods to support the Iowa Department of Transportation's (Iowa DOT) intermodal statewide planning process. The selection of computer models and methodologies will be incremental and involve identification of standards (for software, databases, and computing systems). All developments will take into account the steps necessary for migration from concept to application. The principles used by the investigators will, in part, be based on information engineering concepts, widely accepted techniques used to incorporate business missions, goals and objectives in project and program development. All program activities will ensure that end users are confident in their ability to use the models and methodologies, and that individual projects will define user training requirements, level of effort required for application maintenance, and level of effort required to maintain supporting databases. Computer models, whenever possible, will be developed on standard platforms used by the Iowa DOT.

Proposed Scope of Work

1997's effort develops a matrix for the identification and development of tools and databases to support freight planning and modeling. Dimensions of the matrix include selected freight planning issues and scenarios and a prioritized list of commodity types for Iowa. Issues are identified by public and private sector practitioners and stakeholders and tools and databases are developed using GIS and Internet technologies.

Project Team

Principal Investigator: Reginald Souleyrette,

(Year One)
Zachary Hans
Tom Maze
Ted Smith (former grad student)
Shirish Pathak (current grad student)

(Year Two)
Zachary Hans
Tom Maze
Shirish Pathak
Dave Preissig


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