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Technology Transfer Summaries

Publication Date Title
Sep 2018 Enhancing the Fundamental Knowledge and Use of Asphalt Emulsions Using Systematic Scientific and Engineering Approaches (*pdf)
Sep 2018 Initial Characterization of Geopolymer Based UHPC Material Properties (*pdf)
Aug 2018 Performance-Based Operations Assessment of Adaptive Control Implementation in Des Moines, Iowa (*pdf)
Aug 2018 Analysis of Dynamic Advisory Messaging -- Phase II (*pdf)
Aug 2018 Evaluation of the Mechanical and Environmental Performance of Biofuel Co-Product-Stabilized Unpaved Roads (*pdf)
Jul 2018 Portable Multi-Sensor System for Intersection Safety Performance Assessment (*pdf)
Jun 2018 Prevention of Longitudinal Cracking in Iowa Widened Concrete Pavement (*pdf)
Jun 2018 Assessment of the Consumer Reasons for Selection of Ethanol Fuel (*pdf)
Jun 2018 Real-Time Smoothness Pocket Reference (*pdf)
Jun 2018 Real-Time Smoothness Quick Reference Index (*pdf)
Jun 2018 Evaluation of Otta Seal Surfacing for Low Volume Roads in Iowa (*pdf)
Jun 2018 Estimating Energy Efficiency of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in a Mixed Fleet (*pdf)
Jun 2018 Evaluation of Rural Intersection Treatments (*pdf)
May 2018 Evaluation of Successful Forested Wetland Mitigation in Iowa (*pdf)
May 2018 In-Service Performance Evaluation of Median Cable Barriers in Iowa (*pdf)
May 2018 Evaluation of the Metal Fatigue Solutions Electrochemical Fatigue Sensor System (*pdf)
Apr 2018 Big Data-­Driven Prediction of Long-Term Bridge Performance and Management Improvements (*pdf)
Apr 2018 Reduced Fuel Consumption and Travel Time in Transportation Networks (*pdf)
Apr 2018 Iowa DOT Traffic Operations Open Data Service (*pdf)
Apr 2018 Durable Pavement Marking and Grooving (*pdf)
Apr 2018 Feasibility of Gravel Road and Shoulder Recycling (*pdf)
Mar 2018 Use of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete for Bridge Deck Overlays (*pdf)
Mar 2018 Creation of a Sustainable Collaborative Transportation and Safety Model (*pdf)
Mar 2018 Development of a Rapid Assessment Tool for Pile Capacity and Stability in Response to Scour Situations (*pdf)
Mar 2018 Exploration of Machine Learning Approaches to Predict Pavement Performance (*pdf)
Feb 2018 Evaluation of Work Zone Split Traffic Symbol Sign (*pdf)
Feb 2018 Crash Modification Factors for Chevrons in Iowa (*pdf)
Feb 2018 Safety Evaluation of Destination Lighting at Stop-Controlled Cross Intersections (*pdf)
Feb 2018 Safety Effectiveness of Stop-Sign Beacons - A Cross-Sectional Study (*pdf)
Feb 2018 Development of Iowa Road Safety Assessment (RSA) Guidelines (*pdf)
Jan 2018 Understanding the Impacts of Work Zone Activities on Traffic Flow Characteristics (*pdf)
Jan 2018 Strategic Design for Delivery with Linked Transportation Assets: Trucks and Drones (*pdf)
Dec 2017 Estimating Crash Modification Factors for Lane Departure Countermeasures in Kansas (*pdf)
Dec 2017 Impacts of Internal Curing on the Performance of Concrete Materials in the Laboratory and the Field (*pdf)
Dec 2017 Installation Guidance for Centerline and Edgeline Rumble Strips in Narrow Pavements (*pdf)
Dec 2017 Safety Edge Crash Modification Factors Tech Brief (*pdf)
Nov 2017 Traffic Impact Assessment Tool for Moving Work Zone Operations (*pdf)
Oct 2017 Advancing Implementation of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge Systems (GRS-IBS) (*pdf)
Oct 2017 Advancing Implementation of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge Systems (*pdf)
Oct 2017 Advancing Implementation of GRS-IBS: Implementation Aid (*pdf)
Oct 2017 Investigation of the Link Between Macroscopic Traffic Flow Characteristics and Individual Vehicle Fuel Consumption (*pdf)
Oct 2017 Advancing Implementation of GRS-IBS: Implementation Aid (*pdf)
Oct 2017 Four Real-Time Smoothness Flyers (*pdf)
Sep 2017 Crash Cushion Selection Criteria (*pdf)
Sep 2017 Bridge Maintenance Program for the City of Columbia, Missouri (*pdf)
Sep 2017 Concrete Overlay Performance on Iowa's Roadways (*pdf)
Sep 2017 Study of the Impacts of Implements of Husbandry on Bridges (*pdf)
Sep 2017 Evaluation of the Buchanan County IBRD Bridge on Victor Avenue over Prairie Creek (*pdf)
Sep 2017 Improving Traffic Safety through Better Snow Fences: Image-Based Methods to Measure Trapped Snow Volume and the Snow Relocation Coefficient (*pdf)
Jun 2017 Context-Sensitive Designs: Testing of Multi-Performance Level Box Beam Standards (*pdf)
Jun 2017 Evaluation of a Folded Plate Girder Bridge System (*pdf)
Jun 2017 FE-ANN Based Modeling of 3D Simple Reinforced Concrete Girders for Objective Structural Health Evaluation (*pdf)
May 2017 Investigation of a Suitable Shear Friction Interface between UHPC and Normal Strength Concrete for Bridge Deck Applications (*pdf)
Mar 2017 Optimal Placement of Iowa DOT Maintenance Garages: Muscatine and Dubuque Case Studies (*pdf)
Feb 2017 Implementation of Transportation Asset Management in Grandview, Missouri (*pdf)
Feb 2017 Setting Work Zone Speed Limits (*pdf)
Jan 2017 Historical Performance Evaluation of Iowa Pavement Treatments Using Data Analytics (*pdf)
Dec 2016 Risk Factor Identification (*pdf)
Dec 2016 Driving Simulator Study of J-Turn Acceleration/Deceleration Lane and U-Turn Spacing Configurations (*pdf)
Dec 2016 Guide to the Prevention and Restoration of Early Joint Deterioration in Concrete Pavements (*pdf)
Dec 2016 Development of an Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective Biogrout for Concrete Crack Repair (*pdf)
Nov 2016 Sign Effectiveness Guide tech transfer summary (*pdf)
Oct 2016 Economic Impact of Multi-Span, Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges Designed as Simple Span versus Continuous Span (*pdf)
Oct 2016 Assessing Segment- and Corridor-Based Travel-Time Reliability on Urban Freeways (*pdf)
Aug 2016 Project Management Update to the Iowa DOT Project Development Manual (*pdf)
Aug 2016 Development of a Wireless MEMS Multifunction Sensor System and Field Demonstration of Embedded Sensors for Monitoring Concrete Pavements (*pdf)
Aug 2016 Evaluation of Truck and Agricultural Vehicle Behavior at Reduced Conflict Intersections (*pdf)
Aug 2016 Evaluation of the Impact of Reduced Conflict Intersections on Truck and Large Agricultural Vehicle Crashes (*pdf)
Jul 2016 Impact of Curling and Warping on Concrete Pavement (*pdf)
Jul 2016 Validation of Gyratory Mix Design in Iowa (*pdf)
Jul 2016 Upgrading Bridge Rails on Low-Volume Roads in Iowa (*pdf)
Jul 2016 Developing Green, Highly Flowable, Rapid Set, High-Performance Concrete for Pavement Patch Repair (*pdf)
Jul 2016 IC Brief: Missouri US Highway 63 - HMA Paving - July 2014 (*pdf)
Jul 2016 Iowa DOT Project Management Peer Exchange (*pdf)
Jul 2016 IC Brief: Iowa US Highway 65 - Embankment - July 2013 (*pdf)
Jun 2016 IC Brief: Minnesota TH 36 - Granular Embankment Subgrade Fill - May-July 2007 (*pdf)
Jun 2016 Polymer Concrete Overlay Evaluation (*pdf)
Jun 2016 Reflectivity of Glass Beads in Rumble Stripes Depends on Installation Practices (*pdf)
Jun 2016 Investigation of Techniques for Accelerating the Construction of Bridge Deck Overlays (*pdf)
May 2016 Investigation of the Impact of Dual-Lane Axle Spacing on Lateral Load Distribution (*pdf)
May 2016 Investigation of the Effect of Speed on the Dynamic Impact Factor for Bridges with Different Entrance Conditions (*pdf)
May 2016 Evaluation and Testing of a Lightweight Fine Aggregate Concrete Bridge Deck in Buchanan County, Iowa (*pdf)
May 2016 Terrestrial Laser Scanning-Based Bridge Structural Condition Assessment (*pdf)
Apr 2016 Pervious Concrete Physical Characteristics and Effectiveness in Stormwater Pollution Reduction (*pdf)
Apr 2016 Earthwork Haul-Truck Cycle-Time Monitoring - A Case Study tech transfer summary (*pdf)
Mar 2016 Investigation of the High-Strength Bolt-Tightening Verification Techniques (*pdf)
Mar 2016 Temporary Traffic Control Handbook for Local Agencies (*pdf)
Mar 2016 Investigation of Deterioration of Joints in Concrete Pavements: Field Study of Penetrating Sealers (*pdf)
Mar 2016 Manual Gives Cost-Effective Techniques to Extend Timber Bridge Life Spans (*pdf)
Feb 2016 Embankment Quality and Assessment of Moisture Control Implementation tech transfer summary (*pdf)
Feb 2016 Conclusions from the Investigation of Deterioration of Joints in Concrete Pavements (*pdf)
Feb 2016 Laboratory Investigation of Bridge Strip Seal Joint Termination Details (*pdf)
Feb 2016 Owner-Operator versus Company-Driver Safety Performance Analysis tech transfer summary (*pdf)
Jan 2016 Development and Evaluation of Portable Device for Measuring Curling and Warping in Concrete Pavements tech transfer summary (*pdf)
Jan 2016 Machine-Vision-Based Roadway Health Monitoring and Assessment: Development of a Shape-Based Pavement-Crack-Detection Approach tech transfer summary (*pdf)
Dec 2015 VISSIM Calibration for Urban Freeways (*pdf)
Dec 2015 Investigation of AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design/DARWin-ME Performance Prediction Models for Iowa Pavement Analysis and Design (*pdf)
Dec 2015 Evaluation of Pavement Markings on Low-Volume Rural Roadways in Iowa (*pdf)
Nov 2015 Modeling Airside Operations at Major Airports for Strategic Decision Support tech transfer summary (*pdf)
Nov 2015 Improving Striping Operations through System Optimization tech transfer summary (*pdf)
Nov 2015 A Firm Size and Safety Performance Profile of the U.S. Motor Carrier Industry tech transfer summary (*pdf)
Nov 2015 FHWA Innovator: March/April 2016 page 10 (*pdf)
Nov 2015 Summary of the Evaluation of the Sequential Dynamic Curve Warning System (*pdf)
Oct 2015 Development of Non-Petroleum-Based Binders for Use in Flexible Pavements - Phase II (*pdf)
Oct 2015 Iowa Pavement Asset Management Decision-Making Framework (*pdf)
Oct 2015 Comparison of Setting Time Measured Using Ultrasonic Wave Propagation with Saw-Cutting Times on Pavements (*pdf)
Oct 2015 Reflective Crack Mitigation Guide for Flexible Pavements (*pdf)
Sep 2015 Improving the Accuracy of Camber Predictions for Precast Prestensioned Concrete Beams (*pdf)
Sep 2015 Investigation of Negative Moment Reinforcing in Bridge Decks (*pdf)
Sep 2015 Evaluation of the Need for Longitudinal Median Joints in Bridge Decks on Dual Structures (*pdf)
Sep 2015 Asset Management Program Enhancement Plan: Baseline Assessment Phases I and II (*pdf)
Sep 2015 Permeability and Lateral Load of Granular Backfill Behind Abutments Tech Brief (*pdf)
Aug 2015 Laboratory Investigation of Grouted Coupler Connection Details for ABC Bridge Projects (*pdf)
Jun 2015 Implementation of a Pilot Continuous Monitoring System: Iowa Falls Arch Bridge (*pdf)
Jun 2015 Low-Cost Rural Surface Alternatives: Demonstration Project (*pdf)
Jun 2015 Iowa ABC Connections (*pdf)
Jun 2015 Iowa ABC Connections (*pdf)
May 2015 Laboratory Investigation of Concrete Beam-End Treatments (*pdf)
May 2015 Performance Measures for Snow and Ice Control Operations (*pdf)
May 2015 Evaluating Roadway Subsurface Drainage Practices - Phase II (*pdf)
Apr 2015 Iowa's Bridge and Highway Climate Change and Extreme Weather Vulnerability Assessment Pilot (*pdf)
Mar 2015 Development of Quality Standards for Inclusion of High Recycled Asphalt Pavement Content in Asphalt Mixtures-Phase II (*pdf)
Mar 2015 Advance Stop Line Rumble Strips (*pdf)
Mar 2015 Flashing Beacons (*pdf)
Mar 2015 Adding Turn Lanes/Channelization (*pdf)
Mar 2015 Chevrons and Oversized Chevrons (*pdf)
Mar 2015 Dynamic Speed Feedback Signs (*pdf)
Mar 2015 Intersection Lighting (*pdf)
Mar 2015 On-Pavement Signing (*pdf)
Mar 2015 Paved Shoulders (*pdf)
Mar 2015 Vertical Delineation (*pdf)
Mar 2015 Synthesis of Iowa Research to Address Rural Safety (*pdf)
Mar 2015 Assessment of Non-Destructive Testing Technologies for Quality Control/Quality Assurance Testing of Asphalt Mixtures (*pdf)
Mar 2015 Rapid Replacement of Bridge Deck Expansion Joints Study - Phase I (*pdf)
Feb 2015 Blending Fines into Existing Loose Gravel Costs Less Than Regraveling (*pdf)
Feb 2015 GIS Automation of LiDAR DEM Cutting for Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling (*pdf)
Feb 2015 Development of Railroad Highway Grade Crossing Consolidation Rating Formula (*pdf)
Feb 2015 Modeling Merging Behavior at Lane Drops (*pdf)
Dec 2014 Optimizing Pavement Base, Subbase and Subgrade Layers for Cost and Performance on Local Roads tech transfer summary (*pdf)
Dec 2014 Study of the Regulatory Issues Affecting Truck Freight Movement in the Midwest (*pdf)
Dec 2014 Pavement Management Performance Modeling: Evaluating the Existing PCI Equations (*pdf)
Dec 2014 Investigation of Field Corrosion Performance and Bond/Development Length of Galvanized Reinforcing Steel (*pdf)
Dec 2014 Assessment of Asphalt Interlayer Designed on Jointed Concrete Pavement (*pdf)
Nov 2014 Safety and Mobility Impacts of Winter Weather - Phase 3 (*pdf)
Nov 2014 Quantifying Uncertainty in Real Time Performance Measurement for Highway Winter Maintenance Operations - Phase 2 (*pdf)
Nov 2014 Methods for Removing Concrete Decks from Bridge Girders (*pdf)
Oct 2014 Structural Characterization of UHPC Waffle Bridge Deck and Connections (*pdf)
Oct 2014 Development of Preliminary Load and Resistance Factor Design of Drilled Shafts in Iowa (*pdf)
Oct 2014 Development of Asphalt Dynamic Modulus Master Curve Using Falling Weight Deflectometer Measurements (*pdf)
Oct 2014 Statewide Heavy-Truck Crash Assessment (*pdf)
Sep 2014 Electronic Construction Collaboration System - Final Phase (*pdf)
Sep 2014 IC Brief:Indiana SR 25  Granular and Non-Granular Embankment Subgrade Fill  August 2010 (*pdf)
Sep 2014 IC Brief:Florida SR 9B  Granular Layered Embankment and Geosynthetic Reinforcement  May 2011 (*pdf)
Sep 2014 IC Brief:Minnesota TH 60  Non-Granular Embankment Subgrade Fill  August-October 2007 (*pdf)
Aug 2014 Leveraging the Advantages of Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Contracts (*pdf)
Aug 2014 IC Brief: Wisconsin Projects - HMA Overlay and Pavement Foundation Layers - November 2010 (*pdf)
Mar 2014 Photos of the Construction and Evaluation of FRP Temporary Bypass Bridge (*pdf)
Mar 2014 Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal (*pdf)
Feb 2014 Iowa Mass Concrete for Bridge Foundations Study - Phase II (*pdf)
Feb 2014 Development of Bio-Based Polymers for Use in Asphalt (*pdf)
Jan 2014 IC Brief: New York US 219 - Granular Embankment Subgrade and Subbase - May 2009 (*pdf)
Jan 2014 IC Brief: Maryland I-70 - Layered Granular Fill and Silty Subgrade - October 2007 (*pdf)
Jan 2014 IC Brief: Boone County Research Test Sections - Stabilized Pavement Foundations - Summer 2012 (*pdf)
Jan 2014 Field Monitoring of Curved Girder Bridges with Integral Abutments (*pdf)
Dec 2013 Tech Brief: Fly Ash Stabilization of Subgrade (*pdf)
Dec 2013 Tech Brief: Cement Stabilization of Subbase and Subgrade (*pdf)
Dec 2013 Tech Brief: Cement Stabilization with Fiber Reinforcement of Subbase (*pdf)
Dec 2013 Tech Brief: Mechanical Stabilization of Subgrade Layer (*pdf)
Dec 2013 Tech Brief: Geocell Reinforcement of Subbase (*pdf)
Dec 2013 Tech Brief: On-Site Reclaimed Material as Subbase Layer (*pdf)
Dec 2013 RFID Tags for Detecting Concrete Degradation in Bridge Decks (*pdf)
Dec 2013 Low-Cost Rural Surface Alternatives tech transfer summary (*pdf)
Oct 2013 Center Islands with Raised Curbing for Rural Traffic Calming (*pdf)
Oct 2013 Colored Entrance Treatments for Rural Traffic Calming (*pdf)
Oct 2013 Dynamic Speed Feedback Signs for Rural Traffic Calming (*pdf)
Oct 2013 Transverse Speed Bars for Rural Traffic Calming (*pdf)
Oct 2013 Integration of Bridge Damage Detection Concepts and Components (*pdf)
Sep 2013 Geo-Infrastructure Post-Flood Damage Assessment, Repair and Mitigation Strategies (*pdf)
Sep 2013 Shrinkage of High-Performance Concrete Used for Iowa Bridge Decks and Overlays (*pdf)
Sep 2013 Work-Zone Traffic Performance Measures (*pdf)
Sep 2013 Investigation of Warm Mix Asphalt for Iowa Roadways - Phase II (*pdf)
Sep 2013 Colorado DOT's Project Involvement (*pdf)
Sep 2013 Illinois DOTs Project Involvement (*pdf)
Sep 2013 Indiana DOTs Project Involvement (*pdf)
Sep 2013 Iowa DOTs Project Involvement (*pdf)
Sep 2013 Minnesota DOTs Project Involvement (*pdf)
Sep 2013 Missouri DOTs Project Involvement (*pdf)
Sep 2013 Wisconsin DOTs Project Involvement (*pdf)
Sep 2013 Performance of Recycled Asphalt Shingles in Hot Mix Asphalt (*pdf)
Aug 2013 Pilot Project - Demonstration of Capabilities and Benefits of Bridge Load Rating through Physical Testing (*pdf)
Aug 2013 Pilot Project - Demonstration of Capabilities and Benefits of Bridge Load Rating through Physical Testing (*pdf)
Jul 2013 Improving the Accuracy and Usability of Iowa Falling Weight Deflectometer Data (*pdf)
Jun 2013 Iowa Calibration of MEPDG Performance Prediction Models (*pdf)
Jun 2013 IC Brief: Missouri Hwy 141 - Embankment, Box Culvert, and MSE Wall Fill - Aug 2010 (*pdf)
Jun 2013 Evaluating Roadway Subsurface Drainage Practices (*pdf)
Jun 2013 Evaluation of Mitigation for Safety Concerns on Low-Volume, Unpaved Rural Roads (*pdf)
Jun 2013 Feasibility Study for Detection and Quantification of Corrosion in Bridge Barrier Rails (*pdf)
Jun 2013 A Toolkit for Accelerated Bridge Construction (*pdf)
May 2013 Quality Control/Quality Assurance Testing for Joint Density and Segregation of Asphalt Mixtures (*pdf)
May 2013 Training Development for Pavement Preservation (*pdf)
Apr 2013 Laboratory and Field Testing of an Accelerated Bridge Construction Demonstration Bridge: US Highway 6 Bridge over Keg Creek (*pdf)
Apr 2013 IC Brief: Kansas US 69 - Cohesive Subgrade Materials - August 2008 (*pdf)
Feb 2013 IC Brief: Minnesota TH 14 - Unbound Materials - Fall 2005 (*pdf)
Feb 2013 IC Brief: Iowa US 30 - Cohesive Embankment - July 2009 (*pdf)
Feb 2013 IC Brief: Minnesota Route 4 - HMA Overlay - June 2008 (*pdf)
Feb 2013 IC Brief: Texas FM156 - Untreated and Lime Treated Cohesive Materials and Granular Base Materials - July 2008 (*pdf)
Feb 2013 IC Brief: Iowa US 30 - Hot-Mix Asphalt Overlay - July 2010 (*pdf)
Jan 2013 School Bus Safety Study - Kadyn's Law (*pdf)
Dec 2012 Moisture Sensor Investigation for Historic Covered Bridges (*pdf)
Dec 2012 Evaluating the Effectiveness of the City of Des Moines LED and RRFB Pedestrian Crossing Treatments (*pdf)
Dec 2012 Assessing the Costs for Hybrid versus Regular Transit Buses (*pdf)
Dec 2012 Recommendations for Achieving Safety Edge Consistency during Paving (*pdf)
Dec 2012 Visualization Resources for Iowa State University and the Iowa DOT: An Automated Design Model to Simulator Converter (*pdf)
Nov 2012 Iowa Mass Concrete for Bridge Foundation Study - Phase I (*pdf)
Nov 2012 Integrated Risk Management for Improving Internal Traffic Control, Work-Zone Safety, and Mobility during Major Construction (*pdf)
Nov 2012 Timber Abutment Piling and Back Wall Rehabilitation and Repair (*pdf)
Oct 2012 Risk Mitigation Strategies for Operations and Maintenance Activities (*pdf)
Oct 2012 Asset Management and Safety: A Performance Perspective (*pdf)
Oct 2012 Effects of Agricultural Equipment on Pavement Performance (*pdf)
Oct 2012 Evaluation of Low-Cost Treatments on Rural Two-Lane Curves: On-Pavement Markings (*pdf)
Oct 2012 Evaluation of Low-Cost Treatments on Rural Two-Lane Curves: Post-Mounted Delineators (*pdf)
Jun 2012 Development of a Database for Drilled SHAft Foundation Testing (DSHAFT) (*pdf)
Jun 2012 Debris Mitigation Methods for Bridge Piers (*pdf)
Jun 2012 Utility Cut Repair Techniques to Reduce Settlement in Repaired Areas, Phase 2 (*pdf)
Jun 2012 Motorcycle Conspicuity - What Factors Have the Greatest Impact (*pdf)
May 2012 Development of LRFD Procedures for Bridge Piles in Iowa - Volume IV: Design Guide and Track Examples (*pdf)
May 2012 Wind Monitoring of the Saylorville and Red Rock Reservoir Bridges with Remote, Cellular-Based Notifications (*pdf)
May 2012 Wind Monitoring of the Saylorville and Red Rock Reservoir Bridges with Remote, Cellular-Based Notifications (*pdf)
May 2012 Improving Pavement Marking Performance on Challenging Pavement Surfaces (*pdf)
May 2012 Volume IV: Design Guide and Track Examples (*pdf)
Apr 2012 Toolbox of Countermeasures to Reduce Red Light Running (*pdf)
Mar 2012 Development of LRFD Procedures for Bridge Pile Foundations in Iowa--Volume III: Recommended Resistance Factors with Consideration of Construction Control and Setup (*pdf)
Feb 2012 Optimizing Cementitious Content in Concrete Mixtures for Required Performance (*pdf)
Feb 2012 Field Testing and Evaluation of a Demonstration Timber Bridge (*pdf)
Feb 2012 Evaluation of the Buena Vista IBRD Bridge: A Furthering of Accelerated Bridge Construction in Iowa (*pdf)
Feb 2012 Volume III: Recommended Resistance Factors with Consideration of Construction Control and Setup (*pdf)
Feb 2012 Tech Transfer Summary: Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil for Low Volume Bridge Abutments (*pdf)
Feb 2012 IC Brief: North Dakota US 12 - Embankment Subgrade and Geogrid Stabilized Base Materials - August 2010 (*pdf)
Jan 2012 Tech Transfer Summary: Modified Sheet Pile Abutments for Low Volume Bridges (*pdf)
Jan 2012 Evaluation of Bridge Movement Measurement Using GPS (*pdf)
Dec 2011 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Red Light Running Camera Enforcement in Cedar Rapids and Developing Guidelines for Selection and Use of Red Light Running Countermeasures (*pdf)
Nov 2011 Evaluation of Rumble Stripes on Low-Volume Rural Roads in Iowa--Phase II (*pdf)
Nov 2011 Evaluation of Rumble Stripes on Low-Volume Rural Roads in Iowa--Phase II (*pdf)
Nov 2011 Roadway Lighting and Safety: Phase II-Monitoring Quality, Durability, and Efficiency (*pdf)
Nov 2011 Wet Reflective Pavement Marking Demonstration Project (*pdf)
Oct 2011 ASCE Paper: Behavior of slender piles subject to free-field lateral soil movement (*pdf)
Oct 2011 Tech Transfer Summary: Fly Ash Soil Stabilization for Non-Uniform Subgrade Soils (*pdf)
Oct 2011 Tech Transfer Summary: Influence of Subgrade Non-Uniformity on PCC Pavement Performance (*pdf)
Oct 2011 An Integrated Study of Pervious Concrete Mixture Design for Wearing Course Applications (*pdf)
Oct 2011 Development of Non-Petroleum Based Binders for Use in Flexible Pavements (TR-594) (*pdf)
Sep 2011 Development of LRFD Design Procedures for Bridge Piles in Iowa-Volume II: Field Testing of Steel Piles in Clay, Sand, and Mixed Soils and Analysis (*pdf)
Sep 2011 Development of LRFD Design Procedures for Bridge Piles in Iowa-Volume I: An Electronic Database for PIle LOad Tests (PILOT) (*pdf)
Aug 2011 A Transportation Safety Planning Tool for the City of Ames (*pdf)
Aug 2011 A Transportation Safety Planning Tool for the City of Ames (*pdf)
Aug 2011 Safety and Mobility Impacts of Winter Weather - Phase I (*pdf)
Aug 2011 Investigation of Improved Utility Cut Repair Techniques Phase II (*pdf)
Jun 2011 IC Brief: Minnesota TH 64 - Unbound Materials - Summer 2006 (*pdf)
Jun 2011 IC Brief: Iowa US 218 - HMA Resurfacing - Aug-Sept 2009 (*pdf)
Jun 2011 IC Brief: Mississippi US 84 - Untreated and Cement Treated Granular Materials - July 2009 (*pdf)
Jun 2011 A Feasibility Study of Embedded Micro-Electromechanical Sensors (*pdf)
May 2011 Investigation of Warm-Mix Asphalt Using Iowa Aggregates (*pdf)
May 2011 Tech Transfer Summary: Stabilization Procedures to Mitigate Edge Rutting for Granular Shoulders: Phase II (*pdf)
May 2011 Development of Updated Specifications for Roadway Rehabilitation Techniques (*pdf)
May 2011 Improving Traffic Safety Culture in Iowa (*pdf)
Apr 2011 Iowa's ultra-high performance concrete implementation (*pdf)
Mar 2011 The Actual Cost of Food Systems on Roadway Infrastructure (*pdf)
Mar 2011 Evaluation of Safety Edge Benefits in Iowa (*pdf)
Mar 2011 Development of Performance Properties of Ternary Mixtures: Laboratory Study on Concrete (*pdf)
Jan 2011 Design, Construction, and Field Testing of an Ultra-High Performance Concrete Pi-Girder Bridge (*pdf)
Jan 2011 Design, Construction, and Field Testing of an Ultra High Performance Concrete Pi-Girder Bridge (*pdf)
Dec 2010 An Experimental Validation of a Statistical-Based Damage Detection Approach (*pdf)
Dec 2010 IC Brief: Iowa I29 - Pavement Foundation Layer Construction - Summer 2009 (*pdf)
Dec 2010 Safety Analysis of Low-Volume Rural Roads in Iowa (*pdf)
Nov 2010 Evaluation of the 24th Street Bridge (*pdf)
Nov 2010 Pavement Markings and Safety (*pdf)
Oct 2010 Practices, Design, Construction, and Repair Using Trenchless Technology (*pdf)
Sep 2010 Investigation of the Impacts of Rural Development on Iowas Secondary Road Systems (*pdf)
Sep 2010 Enhancing Motorcycle Conspicuity Awareness in Iowa (*pdf)
Aug 2010 Two-Lift Concrete Paving (*pdf)
Aug 2010 In-Use Fuel Economy and Emission Benefits of Hybrid-Electric School Buses in Iowa (*pdf)
Jul 2010 Local Agency Pavement Marking Plan (*pdf)
Jun 2010 Improving Concrete Overlay Construction (*pdf)
May 2010 Tech Transfer Summary: Optimization and Management of Materials in Earthwork Construction (*pdf)
Apr 2010 Iowa's Renewable Energy and Infrastructure Impacts (*pdf)
Apr 2010 Bioful Co-Product Uses for Pavement Geomaterials Stabilization (*pdf)
Mar 2010 Evaluation of HMA Moisture Sensitivity Using the Nottingham Asphalt Test Equipment (*pdf)
Mar 2010 Bridge Rail and Approach Railing for Low-Volume Roads In Iowa (*pdf)
Feb 2010 Assessing Traffic Safety in Iowa?s Urban Deer Herd Management Zones (*pdf)
Jan 2010 Literature Review and Assessment of Nanotechnology for Sensing of Wood Transportation Structures (*pdf)
Dec 2009 Evaluation of Iowa's Driver Improvement Program (*pdf)
Nov 2009 Safety Benefits of Paved Shoulders (*pdf)
Oct 2009 Managing Decisions Regarding Rural Expressway Routes and Associated Highway Bypasses (*pdf)
Sep 2009 Design and Evaluation of a Single-Span Bridge Using Ultra-High Performance Concrete (*pdf)
Jul 2009 Evaluation of Rumble Stripes on Low-Volume Rural Roads in Iowa--Phase I (*pdf)
Jul 2009 Evaluation of Rumble Stripes on Low-Volume Rural Roads in Iowa: Phase I (*pdf)
Jun 2009 Bridge Deck Integrity Measurements for Asset Management (*pdf)
Jun 2009 Freeze-Thaw Durability of Low-Permeability Concrete (*pdf)
May 2009 Safety Benefits of Bridge Pier Shielding (*pdf)
May 2009 Slow Moving Vehicle Safety on Iowa's High-Speed Roadways (*pdf)
Apr 2009 Crash Type Clustering and Transportation Safety Strategies (*pdf)
Apr 2009 Framework for Integrated Spatially-Referenced Driver-Crash Databases (*pdf)
Feb 2009 Effects of Early Entry Sawing on PCC Cracking (*pdf)
Feb 2009 Precast Concrete Elements for Accelerated Bridge Construction (*pdf)
Feb 2009 FHWA TechBrief: Traffic Calming on Main Roads Through Rural Communities (*pdf)
Jan 2009 Factors Contributing to Large Truck Lane Departure Crashes (*pdf)
Jan 2009 Evaluation of Iowa's 70 mph Speed Limit--2.5 Year Update (*pdf)
Dec 2008 Improving Precision and Variability of Air-Void Analyzer Test Results (*pdf)
Nov 2008 Minnesota Truck Parking Study Phase 2 (*pdf)
Nov 2008 Maximizing Improvements for Multiple Agency Goals (*pdf)
Nov 2008 Establishing Effective Clear Zones on Urban Streets (*pdf)
Oct 2008 Design and Evaluation of a Single-span Bridge (*pdf)
Sep 2008 Tech Transfer Summary: Design Guide for Subgrades and Subbases (*pdf)
Aug 2008 Implementing HERS-ST in Iowa (*pdf)
Jul 2008 Evaluating State Safety Corridor Programs (*pdf)
Jun 2008 Toolbox to Evaluate the Impacts of Roundabouts (*pdf)
Jun 2008 Integral Bridge Abutment-to-Approach Slab Connections (*pdf)
Jun 2008 Feasibility of Visualization and Simulation Applications (*pdf)
Jun 2008 Integral Bridge Abutment-to-Approach Slab Connection (*pdf)
May 2008 Tech Transfer Summary: Seasonal Variation in the Layers of Highway US 20 (*pdf)
May 2008 Field Evaluation of Elliptical Steel Dowels (*pdf)
May 2008 Using Lignin as an Asphalt Antioxidant (*pdf)
Apr 2008 Performance Evaluation of Rubblized Pavements in Iowa (*pdf)
Feb 2008 Two-Stage Mixing (*pdf)
Feb 2008 Material Thermal Inputs of Iowa Materials for MEPDG (*pdf)
Feb 2008 Strategies to Address Nighttime Crashes at Rural, Unsignalized Intersections (*pdf)
Feb 2008 Effects of Weather on Winter Maintenance Performance (*pdf)
Feb 2008 Use of Functional Silos to Optimize Agency Decision-Making (*pdf)
Dec 2007 Evaluating Red Light Running Programs in Iowa (*pdf)
Dec 2007 The Effectiveness of Iowa's Automated Red Light Running Enforcement Programs (RLR, Phase 2) (*pdf)
Dec 2007 Using Artificial Neural Networks in Pavement Structural Analysis (*pdf)
Nov 2007 Low-Cost Traffic Calming in Slater, Iowa (*pdf)
Nov 2007 Gateway Traffic Calming in Roland, Iowa (*pdf)
Nov 2007 Single-Measure Traffic Calming in Dexter, Iowa (*pdf)
Nov 2007 Gateway Traffic Calming in Union, Iowa (*pdf)
Nov 2007 Single-Measure Traffic Calming in Gilbert, Iowa (*pdf)
Oct 2007 Tech Transfer Summary: Investigation of Steel-Stringer Bridges (*pdf)
Oct 2007 Timber Preservation Treatments for Highway Applications (*pdf)
Aug 2007 Prefabricated Elements Case Study (*pdf)
Aug 2007 Flexible Start/Fixed Duration Contracting: A Case Study (*pdf)
Aug 2007 Investigation of Methodologies Used by Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Motor Carriers to Determine Fuel Surcharges (*pdf)
Aug 2007 Field Testing of Railroad Flatcar Bridges (*pdf)
Jul 2007 Effective Construction Training Program for Hispanic and American Supervisors and Craft Workers (*pdf)
Jun 2007 Tech Transfer Summary: Field Validation of Intelligent Compaction Monitoring Technology for Unbound Materials (*pdf)
Jun 2007 Tech Transfer Summary: Effective Shoulder Design and Maintenance (*pdf)
Jun 2007 Minimizing the Impact of Work Zones on Traffic (*pdf)
Jun 2007 Performance of Cold In-Place Recycled Roads (*pdf)
Jun 2007 Developing and Enforcing Lane Closure Policies (*pdf)
May 2007 Testing HMA Density with Electromagnetic Gauges (*pdf)
May 2007 Thin Maintenance Surfaces for Municipalities (*pdf)
Mar 2007 Analysis of Wind-Loading Data Collected During Hurricane Katrina (*pdf)
Sep 2006 Safety Impacts of Street Lighting at Isolated Rural Intersections (*pdf)
Aug 2006 Evaluation of a Bridge Constructed with High-Performance Steel (*pdf)
Aug 2006 Thin Unbonded Overlay Performance on Composite Pavement (*pdf)
Jun 2006 Evaluating Unbonded Ultrathin Whitetopping over Brick Streets (*pdf)
Jun 2006 Real-Time Pavement Thickness Measurement (*pdf)
May 2006 Effective Language and Cultural Training for Hispanic Workers and American Supervisors (*pdf)
May 2006 Corrosion Resistance in Different Steel Reinforcement Types (*pdf)
May 2006 Homogeneity of PCC Materials and Mixes (*pdf)
May 2006 Performance Effectiveness of Contracting Techniques (*pdf)
May 2006 Impact of Early-Age Behaviors on Pavement Smoothness (*pdf)
May 2006 Testing Structural Behavior of Alternative Dowel Bars (*pdf)
May 2006 Tech Transfer Summary: Feasibility of Slip-Form Paving with Self-Consolidating Concrete (*pdf)
Apr 2006 Four-Lane to Three-Lane Conversions (*pdf)
Apr 2006 New Tests and Field Obervations in the MCO Project (*pdf)
Mar 2006 Tech Transfer Summary: Innovative Solutions for Slope Stability Reinforcement and Characterization (*pdf)
Mar 2006 Tech Transfer Summary: Field Evaluation of Compaction Monitoring Technology (*pdf)
Jan 2006 Feasibility of Forming Transverse Joints with Joint Forming Devices (*pdf)
Dec 2005 Current Concrete Pavement Surface Texturing Practices in Iowa (*pdf)
Nov 2005 Intersection Traffic Control in Very Low Volume Rural Areas (*pdf)
Nov 2005 Safety Effectiveness of High-Speed Expressway Signals (*pdf)
Oct 2005 ME Design Approach for HMA Overlaid PCC Pavements (*pdf)
Oct 2005 Optimizing Work Zone Road Closure Capacity (*pdf)
Oct 2005 PCC Patching Techniques: Performance vs. Traffic Delay Time (*pdf)
Oct 2005 Elliptical Fiber Reinforced Polymer Dowel Performance (*pdf)
Aug 2005 Detecting Materials-Related Distress in Concrete Pavements (*pdf)
Jun 2005 Measuring Pavement Profile During Construction (*pdf)
Jun 2005 Trucks and Twin Cities Traffic Management (*pdf)
May 2005 Effective Training for American Supervisors with Hispanic Construction Workers (*pdf)
May 2005 Implementing the M-E Pavement Design Guide in Iowa (*pdf)
Apr 2005 Influence of Subgrade Non-Uniformity on PCC Pavement Performance (*pdf)
Apr 2005 Fly Ash Soil Stabilization for Non-Uniform Subgrade Soils (*pdf)
Mar 2005 Calculating Heavy-Truck VMT (*pdf)
Mar 2005 Rural Expressway Intersection Safety (*pdf)
Mar 2005 WisDOT RD&T Brief: Smart Systems for Bridge Structural Health Monitoring (*pdf)
Jan 2005 Tech Transfer Summary: Best Practices for Bridge Approaches (*pdf)
Jan 2005 Ultra-Thin PCC Overlays (*pdf)
Dec 2004 Improving Concrete Pavement Curing (*pdf)
Dec 2004 Improving Concrete Pavement Curing (*pdf)
Nov 2004 Using the Air Void Analyzer for Real-Time Quality Control Adjustments in the Field (*pdf)
Oct 2004 Developing a Visual Electronic Design and Specifications System (*pdf)
Sep 2004 Tech Transfer Summary: Soil Compaction Monitoring Technology (*pdf)
Sep 2004 Reassessing Two-Lift Paving (*pdf)
Sep 2004 Role of Passenger Vehicle and Heavy Truck Speed Differences in Emissions Modeling (*pdf)
Sep 2004 Material and Construction Optimization for Prevention of Premature Pavement Distress in PCC Pavements, Phase 1 (*pdf)
May 2004 Tech Transfer Summary: Optimum Pavement Base Characteristics (*pdf)
Apr 2004 Stringless paving (*pdf)
Apr 2004 Blended cements for environmentally friendly concrete (*pdf)
Dec 2003 Development of Design Recommendations to Minimize Timber Deck Panel Differential Deflection (*pdf)

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