Weigh-In-Motion Project Summary

Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) technology for measuring the weight of moving trucks is used by state highway agencies for monitoring pavement loadings. This technology has many advantages in terms of utility and efficiency over the traditional approach of static weighing. Because of the complexity of WIM systems, the implementation of such systems has been a gradual process in recent years.

Several states have demonstrated successful experiences with WIM systems and are suggesting that a WIM Handbook be prepared which would document the best practices in WIM technology. This document would facilitate the sharing of state practices and experiences.

This project was undertaken by FHWA Office of Highway Information Management (OHIM) because of its responsibility to provide guidance to the states regarding the collecting and compiling of WIM data as part of an overall traffic monitoring program.

This project synthesized the "best practices" in the use of WIM technology by the states into a WIM Handbook, which is similar to other technical handbooks on the state-of-the-art technology and practice produced by the FHWA.

Weigh-in-Motion Handbook

Weigh-in-Motion Handbook

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